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Where do your forces go and is it worth it to spend on fighting yourself

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


All of us and each individually is a battery. We charge, and then discharge and go again to charge. And so all my life. With charging, more or less understandable. Let’s take a closer look at the discharge process. And think about what we spend energy on, where does it go?

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Our whole life is in struggle. We fight mainly with two malicious enemies - laziness and desires. They are the main ones, global. The rest is a pot-bellied trifle, therefore not worth attention.

So, laziness.

She is a normal human condition. We were born with her and there’s no getting away from her. What is it? Let's think together.

Firstly, it is important to note that this is a pleasant condition. It is akin to meditation. Entering it, I do not want to go out. No, well, honestly. Remember yourself. A wonderful naughty slumber spills over the body. Heat. Good. Lazy. Nothing annoying, no one calling. You don’t have to go or go anywhere. The crane is repaired. Garbage is thrown away. Blown bulb replaced. Wife at work. Life is amazingly beautiful. At least, until a harmful external force (mother, boss at work, a crying child) rips us out of this nirvana, forcibly returning us to real life, where I really don't want to. One more minute, another half an hour, and then it doesn’t matter what ...

But! Here we are - figs with butter (or butter, isn’t it harmful?) No minute. Because other people live according to their laws and concepts, according to their schedule. In their schedule, our meditation is over, so "please shave", in the sense - stop lying on the couch: get up and do something useful already.

“Useful for whom? - I want to ask. - I was just doing something useful for myself until you broke my peace with your squeaky / ringing / boring / disgusting (optional) voice!

And so on, according to all the well-known scenario. We fight with laziness, convincing ourselves that it is harmful, unproductive and in general - total burning of life. In this struggle, the scales are leaning one way, then the other. There are no clear winners or losers. But that's not all.

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There is another enemy army. And with her we also have a lifelong drama and a fight - to the point of exhaustion, to exhaustion, to death. This is a struggle with desires. Also an interesting topic, probably worthy of serious study. This struggle takes a lot of forces and energy that could be used for something much more attractive. But alas, ah ...

I will list some.

We struggle with the desire to sleep, if you need to get up and run somewhere. We struggle with the desire to say to a person (sometimes to ourselves) what we think, because he or she is a wife or husband, friend, employee, boss and others. Why? Politically incorrect. May be offended. Complain Shoot. Shoot yourself. Strangle. Choke. Stop loving. Fall in love with another. Refuse to feed. Do not promote. Sue. Give with a wet rag / baseball bat, brick / fist and so on over the face.

There is still a desire to flirt with other people's wives, just passers-by, people of the same sex, co-workers, close relatives, high school students or universities. But - it is impossible. The society made laws in the form of barbed wire and surrounded us all with them, entangling us hand and foot. Under each summed up the foundation, that is the reason. Often - quite idiotic. But that is not the point. The bottom line is that if you break their rules, you will be punished, sometimes very serious.

And that's why you crush these desires within yourself. Whether they are good or bad, harmful or not, this is a completely different topic. But if you push in one place, be sure to shoot in another. Like an abscess of pimpled character. Therefore, one in three is on antidepressants, one in four is depressed. Every fifth - the first four prescribes, until the doctor himself goes into the category of the patient (and then he gets another, not yet diagnosed doctor prescription tweet). But no one is looking for the causes of these troubles: money does not come for the search for reasons, but for digging them deeper and selling pills from ... and for.

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I am not talking about the fact that it is necessary to satisfy all desires, no matter how strange or even scary they may turn out. I’m saying that it is the process of suppressing them that can serve on one terrible day as the same brain explosion that ends someone’s life so stupidly and often too soon.

Medicine? He is not here. Desires are born with us. These are angels and their brothers, devils living in every cell of every body and requiring attention. They force us to do what we wouldn’t need (although who decided it and, by the way, why?). Fighting them is difficult and tiring. But we are fighting. And what is the solution? They are outward, and we are inward, in depth. Sit there and do not lean out, because you can’t!

Why not? Why, why ... - because. It’s impossible and that’s it. They have already decided for us, there’s nothing to twitch and get nervous. Lie down to sleep - and everything will pass. May be. Although - it may not be.

This is, you know, horseradish obtained in olive oil (for now, they say, this is useful, although probably also not for long). And we are its integral part. For good or bad. For joy or sorrow. That's all divided. For those who, spitting on society, try to satisfy their desires, hoping they will not get caught. And those who crush them until they are completely strangled ... themselves.

What's better? I do not know. And so bad and so bad. Everyone decides for himself. And deciding, and lives. In conscience, according to the rules of others, or in harmony with their own, no matter what it costs them. Until they catch and isolate abnormal with abnormal desires - from normal to normal.

All. Until. Went to satisfy. Let them try to catch. Let them just try. I’ll heap such a thing for them;

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