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Why not cook food in aluminum foil


Source: Rambler

Housewives and cooks in expensive restaurants use aluminum foil when cooking meat, fish, vegetables, and other products.

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This solution is convenient for many reasons, but modern scientists have proven that using foil while heating food to high temperatures can be dangerous to health, writes Rambler.

The fact is that a part of aluminum can get into food, and experts have told how this element affects human health and how to prevent its negative impact.

It is safe to consume about 40 mg of aluminum per 1 kg of body weight per day, because this amount will not negatively affect the health of the body. Small amounts of this element will soon be easily eliminated, but in the modern world, much larger doses of aluminum enter our body.

Aluminum can also be found in food. For example, its presence is provided in tea, spices, salt, cheese, etc., and also dishes, medicines are made from it, and used to purify water.

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Excessive consumption of this element can cause serious health problems. The negative consequences are especially pronounced in citizens with impaired renal function, as well as bone problems. Aluminum enters food through a wide variety of cooking utensils, such as pots.

To prevent aluminum from entering the product, an oxide film is applied to the walls of the pots, which is rubbed off during washing. To avoid this, boil water in new aluminum dishes until the bottom and walls are dull.

There is no way to protect aluminum foil for humans, so a record amount of this element gets into food from it during cooking. Lemon or tomato juice, which are involved during cooking, only aggravates the situation and can even partially dissolve the foil. Therefore, experts urge to use glass or ceramic dishes for cooking. Foil is suitable for storing cold dishes, but you should not be zealous with this, especially if the product is sour or spicy.

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