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America's Five Favorite Treats That Are Unaccustomed to Immigrants

25.11.2021, 13: 00 EST

A source: "50 shades of New York" on Yandex.Zen

Pampering yourself with something tasty is an old mood-lifting trick that has been successfully practiced by people on all continents. Americans have outdone many in their love of snacks. "50 shades of New York" on Yandex.Zen... On the shelves of their supermarkets you can find a wide variety of sweets, snacks and drinks, most of which you will not find in Russian stores during the day with fire. I'll tell you about popular American sweets that are unusual for a Russian person.

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A very soft sweet marshmallow that every American associates with a picnic. This is because in the USA it is customary to fry it over a fire, and not a single American weekend can do without such a dessert. Marshmallow is planted on a twig, melted over an open fire and eaten between two cookies - it turns out a kind of sweet burger! For me it is wildly cloying, but the locals love this delicacy.

Peanut paste

Perhaps the most adored treat of American children and their parents alike. There is hardly a family in the United States in which it is not customary to spread the coveted pasta on fresh toast at breakfast. According to statistics, the average citizen of the country consumes about one and a half kilograms of this thick, sweet mass per year. Pasta even has its own holiday, which is traditionally celebrated on January 24th! Very often on supermarket shelves you can find pasta without added sugar, which is used to season cereals, fruit salads and even vegetable dishes.

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Kombucha-based soft drink. Yes, the same one that in the 1990s could be found in the kitchen of every second Khrushchev in a three-liter bottle covered with gauze. In the USA, the drink is as popular as anywhere else in the world. According to economists, half of the world market for kombucha is in the United States. Kombucha is sold everywhere, comes in the most unusual flavors, with exquisite flavors, and is considered very healthy. To be fair, I will say that recently kombucha has begun to be produced in Russia, where it is also associated with a vegan culture and healthy eating, but so far it is not sold everywhere.


Insanely popular dessert in America, which the heroes of the cartoon about the Simpsons are swallowing with might and main. It is to this delicacy that many obese inhabitants of the country owe their breathlessness. Donuts are incredibly varied, with incomparable fillings and bright edible decor. The most famous Dunkin 'Donuts coffee donut chain has 7 thousand points in the United States, and this figure is more eloquent than any of my assurances.

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Rutbir (root beer)

This is a non-alcoholic soda drink made from the bark of a sassafras tree. As for me, it’s very sweet, but it doesn’t look like anything. Although, perhaps, it remotely resembles a cough syrup. The closest analogy is our Russian kvass, there is a similarity of color and texture. In 1960, root beer producers were banned from using sassafras bark because of its high carcinogen content, many switched to chemical taste substitutes, and some began to add acacia bark to the rootbier. Today, the drink can be bought at any American store, it is not as popular as cola, but there are enough lovers.

I have listed the most favorite goodies of the Americans, which for us can be new. Now you know that a tourist in the USA is definitely worth a try. By the way, what are you eager to try from this list?

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