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Mari Bash: How I Became an Aesthetic Nurse in the USA


Mari Bash

Hello. My name is Mari Bash, and I would like to share my story, filled with bold adventures, unexpected discoveries, and some emotional moments. Just like others who began anew in a foreign country, I had to learn fast and stay strong to achieve my biggest dream of becoming an aesthetic nurse. Thus, if you still think a career in the US beauty industry is out of reach, keep reading; you might find some inspiration.

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Arrival in America: Dreams and Ambitions

In 2013, luck was on my side - I won a green card in the well-known lottery, and in 2014, when I turned 21, I was already on my way to America. So what did I take with me? Basic knowledge of English, $3000, and the most important detail that I almost forgot to mention: a nursing degree. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how to apply it, naively believing that a simple translation would open all doors for me.

From Fantasies to Reality: Costly Misstep

Following a new friend's suggestion, I reached out to a small private organization in New York that help international nurses with degree validation. The concept of 'diploma evaluation' was new to me, leaving me both confused and relieved at finding assistance.

My optimism was dashed when they asked for a $2000 deposit. The idea of ​​spending such a large portion of my savings seemed daunting. After much thought, I finally decided to pay them, hoping that this would have a beneficial effect on my career. However, this whole story turned into an almost two-year epic for me.

First these guys lost my documents, and then they simply stopped answering my calls. In the end, they suddenly notified me via email that they were closing, leaving me to deal with my case with CGFNS on my own. Then it dawned on me: I seriously overpaid these scammers. After all, if I had known about everything in advance, I could have contacted CGFNS or similar organizations directly, saving money, time and, most importantly, nerves.

From CGFNS Calls to NCLEX Registration

Contacting CGFNS was not an easy task - their phone lines were constantly busy. But after numerous attempts I managed to get through, and I heard the friendly voice of the operator: “Hello, how can I help you?” She checked the status of my documents and explained in detail the next steps. I didn’t want to end the conversation, greedily absorbing her every word. Finally, this woman asked me to remain calm and assured that they would contact me soon.

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A few months later, I received the long-awaited letter: my diploma had been evaluated, and now I could register for the NCLEX, the most important exam for nurses in the United States. Happiness overwhelmed me; it seemed that the two-year wait was finally over. I gave myself 10 days to prepare, and, confident in my abilities, went to the exam. My computer shut down after 45 minutes signaling the end of the test. It was not a clear success or failure; the result should have been sent to me by email.

From Initial Failure to Ultimate Success

Of course, I failed the exam. This was obvious given my express training. Realizing my mistake, I literally became a hermit and locked myself in an apartment for a couple of months, carefully studying each topic and studying question after question. After some time, I registered for the test again, but this time I was sure that I would definitely pass. I was shown to the computer and after about four to five hours my test was over. Later I received a confirmation email. Yes, finally, I became a real nurse in the USA!

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Personal and Professional Crossroads

Just as my career took off, my personal life took a dramatic turn. My fiancé received an urgent job offer in South America and invited me to follow him. The thought of giving up everything I had strived for was overwhelming. But in the end, I made a decision that satisfied both my personal and professional goals. I entered Northwest Purdue University for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. This training was completely online, which allowed me to maintain balance in all areas of my life.

From Medical Passion to Skincare Exploration

After moving, it became clear that my passion for medicine should not overshadow my interest in cosmetology, a field I had always wanted to study. Over the next two years I traveled all over the world experiencing different cultures. Despite their differences, one thing was clear: healthy skin is the universal standard of beauty across every continent. This experience was incredibly inspiring and eventually grew into something even more meaningful.

Transforming Interest Into Practice

Back in the USA in 2019, I obtained my BSN diploma, focusing my ambitions on the beauty industry. After completing several aesthetics trainings, I launched my own practice. Yet, that was just the beginning. Filled with boundless energy and creative ideas, my ambition grew to not only practice but also to share my expertise and enrich the broader dialogue on skincare.

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Launching a Skincare Blog: My Skin Tips

In 2021 I launched My Skin Tips, a blog focused on in-depth reviews of skincare products, offering expert advice, and keeping up with the latest beauty trends. This project is a real passion of mine, as it's not just a collection of articles; it is a journey into the heart of what makes beauty both an art and a science.

In addition, I recently launched a weekly digest where I collect the most interesting facts and news about skin care. If this format resonates with you, then I invite you to subscribe to the blog. And if you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact me - Wishing you all the best - always remember, you are stronger than you think!

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