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Beauty English: words every woman needs to know


Source: Oksana Dolinka on Yandex.Zen

beauty no pain - "Beauty requires sacrifice". Do you agree? Or still Beauty will save the world “Beauty will save the world.” Oksana Dolinka, author of the channel on Yandex Zen, dedicated to the study of English, talks about the main "heroes" of a woman's cosmetic bag and the daily rituals of each beauty queen - beauty queens Further - from the first person.

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Do you know what words cosmetics и makeup - not synonyms? Cosmetics - a broader concept. These are all the tools that help you take care of yourself: and toothpaste - toothpasteand shower gel - shower gel, and shampoo - shampoo.

Rђ RІRѕS, makeup - namely decorative cosmetics, everything that we, girls, love so much and can choose for hours. Pay attention and do not confuse words makeup - makeup and makeover - put on make-up. Just one space, and the noun becomes a verb.

Cosmetics - care cosmetics

If you have planned a grandiose shopping in a foreign cosmetic supermarket or online store, it is better to prepare! Such purchases will replace your tutorial! Hint: often look at the jars and remember.

It's easiest with cream. cream. But there are many types of cream. Looking for a moisturizer is moisturizer, nutritious - nutritious... Need an anti-aging cream - pay attention to the inscription anti-aging... And the anti-wrinkle cream is wrinkle cream.

How to choose a cream for your skin type? Look for a tip on the jar:

  • normal-skin – for normal skin
  • oily - for oily
  • dry - for dry
  • sensitive - for sensitive
  • combination - for those who have combination skin.

Every day facial skin care begins with a cleanser - face wash... Some people also prefer face oil - oil face, or foam for washing - cleansing foam.

If you have planned for yourself SPA days at home (for sure, all the girls will understand), open your bathroom drawer - a cabinet in the bathroom, where you most likely store cotton pads - cotton pads, q-tips - ear sticks. On the far shelf there will probably be scrub - scrub, bath foam gel - bath foam, peeling mask - exfoliating mask.

After these procedures, let's move on to makeup.

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makeup - decorative cosmetics

Without what it is difficult to imagine a cosmetic bag? That's right, without mascara - this is mascara. All beauties know that mascara differs not only in color, but also in type.

Curling mascara is curlingand mascara for volume - volumizing. If you want mascara not to flow, look for the inscription waterproof, with waterproof effect.

Make-up decided to start from the base - in English primer, from the word before purchasing, - "first". Some people prefer a makeup base - foundation. To mask the features of the skin will help Concealer - concealer.

Then apply the powder - powder. But it can be different: pressed - compact, and loose - crumbly. If you want to shine the brightest, choose shimmer powder - a product with a shine effect. You can't do without blush, in English - blusher.

And the final touch, lipstick - lipstick.

Dictionary beauty queen with the translation:

  • lipstick – lipstick
  • eyeliner - eyeliner
  • mascara - ink
  • fragrance-free - without smell
  • blusher - blush
  • bronzer - bronzer
  • to use eyelash curlers - use eyelash curler
  • to put on / apply / do makeup - apply makeup
  • brush kit - set of brushes
  • cleaning wipes - cleaning wipes.

The most pleasant method that allows you to watch video courses on makeup is makeup tutorials, and learn English, these are Youtube videos about skin care. Learning has never been so enjoyable, right girls?

You will find the best videos in English, it is spoken by almost all the beauty bloggers on the planet. We recommend them for beginners learning the language (Russian subtitles will help you) and for those who continue. But it will not be easy to choose, there are millions of them! Here are some of the best.

One of the most popular channels on this topic: Vogue-beauty secrets. These are 10-minute videos where the stars reveal their beauty secrets. Now you don't have to guess how to do makeup, like Rihanna, or arrows, like Adele.

Celebrities and their make-up artists share free lifehacks of stunning makeup and tell how to look like a million dollars - how to look like a million.

On your channel Kandee johnson with makeup brushes (makeup brushes) transforms into Angelina Jolie, then into Snow White, then even into Edward Scissorhands.

You must see this. And listen: Candy speaks all the processes of applying makeup. If busy, you can turn on the background as audio lessons.

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Channel Lisa Eldridge - a godsend for fans of cosmetics. Lisa is a professional make-up artist, she gives video tutorials on personal care.

Remember the English saying Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". So, no troubles will prevent you from being at your best in any situation!

By the way, do you store your cosmetic treasures in makeup bag or make up case?

Original column published on the blog. Oksana Dolinki on Yandex Zen

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