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50 big and small things worth getting rid of this spring


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Spring has come - and the soul needs renewal. But if you do not get rid of everything old, then you are unlikely to find a place for something new. Delfi Dom Sad tells what it is worth getting rid of without any regrets in order to free your house and head for something fresh.

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The very 50 things that you should get rid of were divided into several “heaps” - so it’s easier to navigate and do it gradually. What exactly you will start with does not matter; the main thing is not to start throwing it all away at once: there may not be enough space for bags on the floor, and even your pets will not understand. So let's go in order:

Crockery, kitchenware and first aid kit

Dull knives

Especially cheap knives made of bad steel, which will not be helped by any whetstone. If the knife doesn't meet your standards, then maybe it could be useful to someone else - donate it to a charitable organization, pre-wrapped in cardboard and labeled. Never throw it away with normal waste - it's dangerous.

Disposable bags with sauce, sugar, salt

When you order food with delivery, you’ll still put a few bags in your food package that are enough for dinner, so feel free to throw out the accumulated “wealth”, and also expired ones.

Old medicine

We often keep old medicines and more often for some other reason than waiting for an opportunity to use them. Before disposing of expired medicines, check the attached instructions. If the tablets are written according to your personalized prescription and your data is on the package, then before throwing them away, scrape them off with a knife or paint over them with a permanent marker.

Expired spices

At some point, even fragrant cinnamon becomes tasteless dust. On average, ground spices are stored for 6-24 months, and non-ground - up to 4 years.

Plastic bags

Collect all unnecessary bags and bags around the house, take them to a designated container for plastic waste. Buy a sturdy canvas bag or a custom foldable bag and go shopping with it. And take care of nature, and do not pick up unnecessary products.

Reusable bags

If you often visit eco-fairs and keep forgetting to take a reusable shopping bag with you, then you may already have a whole collection of such bags. But they can hardly be called eco-friendly unless you use them many times. Give extra bags to relatives, friends, neighbors or donate to charity.

Food containers without lids

Where are the lids? Perhaps someday astrophysicists will be able to explain to us what kind of black hole absorbs plastic lids from containers (probably the same as men's socks), but for now, hand over all uncompleted parts for recycling.

Damaged dishes

It may not seem like a problem in the plate, but with each wash, water can seep into the plate and accumulate bacteria there. Moisture can deepen cracks if dishes are placed in the microwave.


If you are not going to organize a competition for eating sausages, then you do not need 10 different jars of mustard in the refrigerator, besides half dried.

Unrecognized foods in the freezer

If you can't tell at first glance what's in this foil roll, feel free to throw it away. In addition, not all products retain their shape and texture after freezing - for example, mushy salmon can hardly look appetizing.

Kitchen Appliances

If you bought, say, a waffle maker or a juicer, and only used it a couple of times, then you should not continue to keep it - give it to someone else.

Fancy Bakeware

Yes, you know how to bake these flower-shaped cupcakes, but if you do it once a year, then it's better to get rid of this baking dish and use the classic universal one.

Extra circles

They are often given, so you definitely have those that you have not used for years. Keep your favorites, and donate the rest to charity.

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Bathroom, cosmetics and jewelry

Old towels

After serving your towels, you can cut them into rags or give them to animal shelters, where they are always very necessary.

Creams and Moisturizing Lotions

This applies to those who are obsessed with cosmetics, buy dozens of jars, and then are afraid that they will use up everything too quickly, and as a result, they will not use at all. Banks stand, bacteria accumulate. If you have never used a jar of another body soufflé for more than three months, then you do not need it.

Old makeup

Don't keep a tube of old mascara just because it cost a fortune. Using old cosmetics can cost you a lot more - the bacteria that have accumulated in it are not dormant, you know. That is why experts recommend throwing away everything that was opened more than 3 months ago.

Natural washcloth

It turns out that natural washcloths (loofah) can be used for only about 3 weeks. After that, they make you dirtier.

Old nail polish

One shade of color will be enough. It is unlikely that you will be able to fully use all the bottles to the end. In addition, between some of them it is almost impossible to notice the difference.


We are not talking about jewelry made of precious and semiprecious metals and stones, but cheaper jewelry, which is usually made of plastic. It doesn’t matter if it was a gift or a big discount, which you simply couldn’t get past, but if you don’t wear these jewelry, give it to your friends or give it to charity.

Extra hair bands

Your hair deserves better than rubber bands that have lain under the sofa just how long.

Mini Toiletry Packaging

Let photographs, souvenirs and a tan remind you of your travels, and not accumulated dozens of bottles, soap bags and disposable toothbrushes from hotels. If these “wealths” have expired, then throw them away without regret. If they are still fit, give them to a shelter.

Bedroom and wardrobe

Kids' things

We know it's sad to say goodbye to the things you once dressed your little one in, but he's grown out of them a long time ago. If the clothes are in good condition, donate them to an orphanage, a charity, or a family in need. And if it is not in the best shape, use it as soft cloths or for needlework.

Old sheets

Sheets that have been washed many times and have already served their purpose become literally transparent. Like old towels, they are best taken to animal shelters for the needs of cats and dogs.

Promotional T-Shirts

It is unlikely that you wear all the t-shirts that you received at a promotional event of a mobile operator or the opening of a new store, so donate them to charity or use for needlework.


Given the speed of changing fashion trends (and often the quality of clothes), you would rather have to throw away or get rid of your cardigan than sew buttons to it. Give them to the needlework club or your friend who sews.

Wire hangers

We bring them home from dry cleaning, but do not use them constantly - sharp shoulders ugly pull clothes, especially knitted and knitted.

Plastic hangers

Plastic hangers are better than wire hangers, but they can also pull clothes. For sliding garments (for example, from silk), choose velvet-coated hangers, and for jackets and jackets, choose inexpensive wooden ones.

Clothing is not the size

The unwritten rule is that if a garment is two sizes too big or too small, by the time it fits you it will be out of fashion. Do not litter the closet with things that have served their purpose for a long time.

Uncomfortable shoes

She may look amazing, but is unbearable when walking. Throw a party for your friends with an exchange of things, perhaps someone will be exactly the Cinderella that these shoes will fit. And in return you can get a stylish skirt or a luxurious jacket.

Old bras

Many women not only wash bras incorrectly, but also wear them much longer than they should. If the bra has lost its fresh appearance, shape, elasticity, became uncomfortable, then throw it away without regret, no matter how much it costs.

Old mattresses

According to many experts, mattresses need to be changed every 5-10 years, but it all depends on how carefully it was looked after, cleaned and turned over. If you're having trouble falling asleep or waking up during sleep, it might be time to change your mattress.

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Books, newspapers, magazines and other stationery

Old directories

Outdated information is unlikely to tell you something new, so if you do not use reference books as historical references, you can safely hand them over to recycling or to someone who needs them more, for example, for collages or crafts.

Old bestsellers

Give old bestsellers to friends, colleagues, charity, or host a book swap party. If your city has mini-libraries (small shelves with free books), then take them there. Regular libraries do not usually take such books.


Even if you work from home, then you are unlikely to need all these dozens of blocks of sticky notes. Donate them to charity or use them to arrange order at home.

Old magazines

You can save a couple of magazines so that they become vintage, but give the rest for recycling. If you have fairly old magazines (before the 2000s) in good condition, you can put them up for sale on eBay.

Old pens and felt-tip pens

Collect all the pens and felt-tip pens and, while watching your favorite TV series, check them all for suitability. Those that do not write, feel free to throw it away.

Empty diaries

There are two ways out: either develop the habit of keeping a diary, or give it to the one who has it.

Old postcards

This is a very delicate issue, but nevertheless it needs to be resolved. Keep the heartiest cards from the people you love most (especially those who are no longer with you), and use the rest for collages (if this is your hobby) or recycle.

Old computer trash

CD collection

Everything is quite simple here - get rid of everything that you don’t like (give it to friends, take it to a second-hand store, throw it away), and save everything you like to your computer.


Collect all the video tapes and take them to the digitization - you will have your entire video archive, which can fit on one flash drive in a format in which you can easily mount the best and brightest moments.

Empty batteries

Do not save empty batteries if you are not going to turn them all over to a recycling point at once. The temptation is great to start digging into them, if the batteries for the TV are depleted, but there are no new ones - a meaningless and time-consuming task.

Old phones

Have you been using your smartphone for a long time, but still keep your old push-button telephone? If you do not collect exhibits for the museum of ancient technology, we recommend that you turn in all the old electronics for recycling.

Unvisited Shows, Movies, and TV Shows

If you use the telesubscription service, then over time the list of shows, TV shows and movies can grow to incredible sizes. Erase everything and start the day with a clean slate.

Social Networks

It is one thing when you devote a few minutes a day to social networks, interact with people, learn something new, and quite another when you mindlessly scroll through them, because it has become an automatic routine for you. This can harm not only your mental health, but also your relationships with loved ones.

Things around you

Excess vases

When you have a couple of favorite vases, the rest just take up space. Give extra vases to friends or take them to a second-hand store.

Paint residue

If you store paint residues, then we have bad news. Even if the paint has not dried, it is very likely that it is no longer suitable - over time, the paint may change its quality, become darker, lighter or yellow (depending on the composition and storage conditions).

Waste candles

If you were presented with scented candles with a scent that you don’t like, then you shouldn’t keep them forever - give them to friends who really like this scent, or to a social center.

Unused Handicraft Materials

Once you heard that knitting is a great stress reliever, so you bought knitting needles and yarn, but have not even touched them since. With knitting like this: either you knit or you don't. If you are leaning towards the second option, then take the materials to the person who knits.

Bank with a trifle

No, no, don't throw it away! Ask the store to exchange coins for bills, or if there are too many coins, drop them in a donation box or an animal shelter.

“Bonus”: annoying “friends”

If someone from your environment does not cease to annoy you, reduce communication with this person to nothing.

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