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5 the simplest rules for effective weight loss in the spring



In the spring, more fresh fruits and vegetables appear, and the weather becomes more pleasant. Excellent factors affecting well-being and proper calorie control.

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Speed ​​up metabolism

There are many ways to speed up metabolic processes, but the easiest and surest is eating meals in portions with a frequency of two to three hours. Scientists have already proved that the ingestion of food in the body according to the classical scheme three times a day not only slows down biochemical processes, but also contributes to the accumulation of fat, writes

The body, due to the lack of energy sources in the form of food, begins to use as a “fuel” what is easiest to get rid of - our muscles. And with a rare diet during the day, all absorbed food is necessarily converted into fat stores. Therefore, we repeat the popular truth: a hunger strike is not an option.

Watch the carbohydrates

This, of course, about sweets and baking. Eating the best complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index is the one that will gradually fill the body with energy and become (along with proteins) a building material for muscles. It is best to calculate your daily diet for proteins, fats and carbohydrates, based on their weight, height and other parameters (for example, using this formula) and try to stick to it.

Walk more

The rule is as old as the world, but still it is worth repeating it: even 30-minute exercise or a walk (the weather, fortunately, is getting better) in the fresh air, besides increasing the general tone, together with the right fractional nutrition will create the very calorie deficit promotes weight loss. Plus, it is known that the hotter the calories are burned, the body needs more energy to stay cool and cool down (using sweat, for example).

Become green

Along with water (let’s not remind you, you already know how important it is to drink it a lot and often), green vegetables are considered to be an excellent means for better digestion and assimilation of protein. Scientists have generally come to the funny conclusion that greener vegetables and leaves better reduce insulin levels in the blood and help to reduce calories more quickly.

Lettuce leaves, cabbage, cucumbers are enriched with fiber and a natural sorbent that cleanses the intestines. Green tea will also serve as an assistant in this matter, - says Alexander Filimonov, nutritionist.

Watch less tv

Again, an interesting fact: in the spring and summer, there are almost no new seasons of favorite TV shows. As a rule, the most important launches are scheduled for autumn and winter. Apparently, even the producers of telenovels are interested in the fact that we often go out into the street, and not sit in front of the screen, chewing on harmful fast food.

Need more reasons to leave your home? Download a book based on your favorite TV series or movie and go free. Better to sit on a bench in the yard under the sun than to bathe at home at the "box".

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