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Thanksgiving in the USA: TOP-10 traditional dishes for the festive table

13.11.2021, 17: 00 EST

A source: FTW USA Today

On Thanksgiving Day, residents of the United States meet at a family table, which will certainly feature at least a few traditional dishes for this holiday. There are ten classic treats, and for many housewives it is important to put each of them on the table. Edition FTW USA Today reminds of each of them and offers a popularity rating for these dishes.

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This holiday season is a time to reflect on what we are grateful for. According to For The Win, food is one of those benefits. In the spirit of the season and the endless love of lists on the Internet, the publication offers its own version of the evaluation of the classic holiday food - from the beloved to the least loved by Americans on Thanksgiving Day. Your own rating may look different: share it with us?

1. Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are the best and only dish on this list that people enjoy eating with pleasure not only on holidays, but also at other times during the year. According to the publication, no one eats turkey on days other than Thanksgiving, but everyone enjoys mashed potatoes regardless of the occasion. As writes “Today“, The main secret of good mashed potatoes is the abundance of butter and milk. It must be at room temperature. And milk or cream - warm. This will make the puree smooth and lump-free.

2. Turkey Stuffing (Stuffing)

Bread version of mashed potatoes can be eaten at least a few days after Thanksgiving. If the turkey is very large, the filling inside is sometimes not baked, so after cooking it is removed and brought to readiness separately - then it is called dressing, writes Fluentu. The fact is that over time, the filling baked inside the turkey has become an independent dish and served separately as a side dish. Thanksgiving traditional turkey filling consists of bread with onions, butter and herbs. Sometimes sausages or minced meat are added there. Many housewives prefer a light and juicy vegetable version of the filling.

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3. Gravy

It is not technically a dish, but according to the publication, it is the delicious gravy that is responsible for the fact that "half of the things on this list are edible." Turkey with the sauce becomes much tastier than without it, and in itself it is wonderful. Grevy is a thick sauce obtained directly during the preparation of a dish from the secreted juices of cooking products. It can be additionally thickened with flour or starch. This sauce can be poured over both the dish itself and the side dish when serving.

4. Sweet Potato Casserole (Candied Sweet Potatoes)

Sweet potato is a nice healthy dish with a pleasant taste and texture. However, thanksgiving is usually offered as a sweet potato casserole with brown sugar, marshmallows and butter. Let it not be the same as just sweet potatoes, but also a tasty thing.

5. Rolls (Rolls)

Not everyone eats them, but everyone takes them off the plate. Option - cornbread, which is usually served with Mexican dishes (stews, soups, chili), dishes of the South American states (fried meat, mashed potatoes). In the northern states, cornbread is most often eaten as a pie, sprinkled with sweet maple syrup, writes Today.

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6. Cheese Pasta (Mac 'n' Cheese)

An uncomplicated, but always a win-win combination of pasta, cheese and béchamel sauce. Macaroni and cheese are cooked both on weekdays and on holidays. Thanksgiving option is pasta and cheese in the oven. It is also a hearty food that can always be fed to many people.

7. Pumpkin Pie

For dessert, Americans bake shortbread tart with spicy pumpkin filling and serve it with whipped cream. Canned pumpkin puree is usually used for this pie, but you can make it yourself. Pumpkin pie is an amazingly tasty dish, it is eagerly awaited for the whole year, on a holiday it is especially good.

8. Cranberry Sauce (Cranberry Sauce)

Although you can buy it at the supermarket, homemade cranberry sauce is much tastier. It is served cold to a baked turkey. Additional ingredients are zest, spices, and in some recipes fried onions. Cranberries have a sweet and sour and slightly tart taste that perfectly shades the turkey.

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9. Green Bean Casserole (Green Bean Casserole)

It has been one of the key places on holiday tables for more than 60 years. It is made from bechamel sauce, blanched beans and mushrooms fried with onions. All these ingredients are blended in a mold and baked until golden brown.

10. Turkey (Turkey)

The main dish of the holiday is a turkey, which is usually prepared by the whole family. By the way, it is the basis of the festive table for a reason, because it was the only game that the first settlers in America could catch. Nearly 50 thousands of turkeys are grown all over the country by Thanksgiving so that every family can decorate their table with this dish. It is served with various side dishes and the same gravy of gravy.

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