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'Darling, I left you the liver': what are the usual foods and dishes that Americans do not eat


Source: Yandex Zen

“Honey, I left you a turkey liver here. Wait, is that a heart? In general, will you eat or throw it out?

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These were the first words of my husband after the tanned turkey emerged from the oven, - says the author of the Elena in America channel on Yandex Zen.

As you might guess, many Americans don't eat offal. At all. Absolutely. It's dog food. And go to an American store, try to find something other than meat. No liver, no kidneys, no tongues. Although I once saw chicken hearts - and was very surprised at this.

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What else can you try (most likely unsuccessfully) to search in typical grocery supermarkets? (I rely on the assortment of Kroger and Meijer that we go to most often):

– Mackerel, flounder, sprat and others (salmon, trout, tuna, tilapia, catfish and cod are common)

- Boiled sausage like "Milk" or "Doctor" (there is ham, smoked meat and salami)

- Pickled vegetables (for some reason, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes and mushrooms are popular here)

- The usual black bread (there is rye bread, but completely different), gingerbread, bagels and pies

- Pastries and cakes like "Potato", "Anthill", "Bird's milk"

- Marshmallow (not to be confused with marshmallows!), Marshmallow and halva

- Buckwheat and semolina

- Caviar - fish and squash

- Ryazhenka (but there is buttermilk and kefir)

- Kvass and fruit drink

- Aspic and aspic.

But dumplings and dumplings have similar equivalents: Italian tortellini, beef ravioli and Polish pies with potatoes, cheese, mushrooms and other fillings.

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I have long understood that I can fully adapt to the local cuisine and change my taste habits, but sometimes I want, of course, salted mushrooms, “potatoes” and kvass.

A question for filling: without what kind of food would you be able to live (for a long time)?

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