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How to properly take a photo in a swimsuit: 5 simple tips


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When you go on vacation, you want to take beautiful pictures that will remind you of good times. But in practice, taking good pictures in a swimsuit can be tricky. We've put together some professional tips on how to look perfect in the frame!

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1. Relax and enjoy your vacation

It's better to have someone take your picture on the beach: a family member, a partner, a friend, or finally a photographer. There are two reasons for this. First, it's much easier to get natural, relaxed shots. Second, a variety of angles are guaranteed, which increases the chances of getting some spectacular photos. Don't worry if your figure has flaws - there will always be plans and angles that reveal your true beauty. In addition, individual moments can be tweaked in a special program. For example, to visually increase or tighten the breasts in the photo, preserving their natural appearance, allows boobs editor RetouchMe.

Remember that not all shots will be successful, and this is normal. Even a professional model needs to spend about 8 hours shooting to get 3–5 good photos. First and foremost, enjoy your vacation, and colorful shots will come.

2. Think about positions in advance

You can diversify your natural casual shots by mastering the art of posing. However, without experience in front of the camera, it's hard to come up with something right away. For inspiration, look at pictures of celebrities and just beautiful photos. If you are being photographed by someone with experience, he will help you with your poses.

The best poses are half-turned, tiptoeing, with your leg stretched out to the side of the photographer, waist-deep in water, lying on your stomach. Feel free to use accessories in the picture. It can be a hat, a colorful pareo, beautiful glasses, a bright beach bag, original flip-flops, a rubber ring, etc. The main thing is not to place large accessories in front of you: blocking the figure, they spoil the silhouette.

Knee-deep or ankle-deep photos in water will be unfortunate. In such photos legs look unnaturally short, which shifts the proportions of the figure. The same applies to the pose with straight arms spread apart. Forget about makeup - a good quality sunscreen or suntan oil will be enough. They will visually smooth out your skin, and you can correct the rest in the picture. There is no place for careful styling in beach shots — just fluff up the curls with your fingers.

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Speaking of posing and accessories, we can't miss another recommendation: whether you lost weight, gained a couple of pounds, or stayed at your weight, please yourself with a beautiful new swimsuit. Firstly, the photo shoot will be even more enjoyable. Secondly, the new swimsuit will surely sit well on the figure, because cutting straps instantly spoil the silhouette, making even an ideal body unattractive.

3. Timing

Also, it is better not to have the photo session at noon when the rays visually brighten the skin and at the same time impose harsh shadows on the facial features. Another mistake is to turn your face straight towards the sun. Frontal lighting makes the features look flat, let alone unintentionally squeezed eyes, a wrinkled nose, or shifted eyebrows.

The optimal time for a photo shoot is just before sunset or shortly after sunrise. If you have your own plans for those hours, you can take photos in the afternoon while the sun is behind a cloud.

4. Avoid beach cliches

  • “The sun is in the palm of your hand.” It's hard to think of something more trivial and lazy.

  • Frames with “sausage legs” or “bikini bridge.” If you don't know what those are, Google will tell you. There is nothing artistic or attractive in such shots—it is better to emphasize the advantages of the figure with the help of other plans.

  • Acrobatic poses. This can include twine exercises from yoga. Such shots reek of Instagram bragging and often dismantle the imperfections of the figure.

  • Mermaid tails and other body parts molded from the sand. Leave these techniques to children, they usually do not suit adults. Although, of course, it is up to you to decide.

  • Intentionally sexy poses. Close-ups of breasts and buttocks are a sign of bad taste, not sensuality. If you want to have an erotic photo set on the beach, you will need much more casual poses and a good photographer.

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5. Make sure there's nothing unnecessary in the shot

Crowds of people, kissing couples, company on a banana boat, a plastic bag with children's toys, a crumpled mat — not the best options for the background of beach photos. Of course, you can try to remove some details in post-processing, but the result can be unpredictable. Therefore it is better to look for a deserted place or a new angle, perhaps come to the beach before the majority of other visitors.

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