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5 Super Water Recipes for a Flat Stomach



Every modern girl is aware of the benefits of a large amount of water drunk per day. Water - the basis for the beauty of the skin and body.

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Professional models without a bottle of water will never leave the house, and they know absolutely everything about maintaining health and visual appeal. Lady-xnumx-lady. The habit of carrying a small bottle of non-carbonated table mineral water, by the way, would be nice to borrow!

Today we would like to tell about one more property of water: with the addition of useful components, it can replace any detox drink! Want to be slim? Then combine proper nutrition and sport with regular methods of detox water!

You can prepare water for weight loss yourself. Unlike purchased detox drinks, you will be assured of 100% quality of your water. And this is just one of its advantages! The effectiveness of detox-water has been proven several times: excellent well-being, an established metabolism, radiant skin and a flat stomach - all this you will see after a couple of weeks of drinking!

Water with mango and lemon


  • 1 L of water (pure / mineral);
  • 100 g mango (diced);
  • 2-3 lemon slices.

Be sure to let the water infuse a little. It is better to prepare detox-water for the day before. Lemon stimulates the acceleration of metabolic processes and the excretion of toxins from the body, and mango normalizes digestive processes.

Ginger lemon water


  • 1 L of water (pure / mineral);
  • 4-5 slices of peeled ginger root (the amount - to your taste);
  • 1 lemon.

Ginger-lemon water is the most popular and affordable option for detox water. Besides the fact that it miraculously helps to lose weight, this drink will also help strengthen the immune system and feel more invigorated.

You can add more / less lemon and ginger (depending on your preference).

Water with cucumber and mint


  • 1 L of water (pure / mineral);
  • 1 large cucumber;
  • fresh mint leaves (10 pcs.).

Cucumber must be peeled and cut into small slices. Mint leaves must be fresh (the amount may be more). You can also add 1-2 lemon slices.

Cucumber juice helps cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, and it is also very useful for the skin. Mint-cucumber water also helps you maintain a pleasant smell in the mouth throughout the day.

Sea buckthorn water


  • 1 L of water (pure / mineral);
  • a handful of sea buckthorn berries;
  • 1 vanilla pod;
  • 1 h / l honey (if you want to make the drink sweeter).

Sea buckthorn water can be quite acidic, but making the taste softer is easy if you add a teaspoon of honey.

Sea buckthorn water is very useful not only for beauty, but also, first of all, for health, and also it has a wonderful, albeit slightly specific taste!

Water with strawberries, lemon and basil


  • 1 L of water (pure / mineral);
  • 10 fresh strawberry berries;
  • juice 1 / 2 lemon;
  • a handful of basil.

In order to make the drink more saturated, it is better to cut the strawberries into 2-4 small pieces. Be sure to let the water brew well. If desired, strain the water to get rid of the pulp.

This drink will saturate your body with essential vitamins and trace elements, as well as have a beneficial anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect, and, of course, will help get rid of excess weight.

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