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Woman.ForumDaily.com - This is a project of the main website of Russian-speaking America ForumDaily, which was created especially for women.
On the women's portal Woman.ForumDaily.com - everything that is interesting to Russian-speaking girls and women living in America: adaptation in a new country and raising children in the USA, useful tips and a guide on the life of stars, success stories and women's blogs about life in the USA.

Founder: ForumDaily.com - The main site of Russian-speaking America.

Our team:
Journalists and bloggers in New York, Miami, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, as well as authors from Russia, Ukraine, Israel.

Our story:
Woman.ForumDaily.com is a sub-site of ForumDaily.com - a site created in 2000 as a mirror of the oldest Russian-language weekly ForumWeekly.
In 2015, ForumDaily.com was designed as an independent project, and since then the number of interesting and important topics covered by the site has increased, and the audience has been growing steadily.
In 2016, ForumDaily opened a number of regional public places in major US cities.
In 2017, a separate women's project from ForumDaily was opened - Woman ForumDaily.


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