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How to achieve maximum discounts, get the goods for free and even earn at Walmart


Source: The Balance Every Day

Walmart's low prices go great with a wide variety of coupons - give it a try and you'll be able to take home a lot of cheap, even free items. Moreover, in some cases, you will receive cash in exchange for coupons. Here's what you need to do to make shopping fantastically profitable.

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1. Learn the rules

Check out Walmart Coupon Policyto find out what's allowed and what's not, writes The Balance Every Day. This will help you avoid problems when placing an order and ensures that you do not miss the opportunity to save money. Namely:

- you can use manufacturer's coupons, printed coupons and checkout coupons (also known as Catalinas) if they have not expired yet; the coupon has a scannable barcode and an address for sending money;

- You can redeem coupons for free items, but print-to-go coupons won't work. You will not accept checkout coupons for the amount of your entire purchase. Example: $5 off a $50 purchase, or 25% off your entire purchase. If you are using a BOGO coupon (buy-one-get-one) that you printed yourself, you must enter the price of the item. And you won't accept photocopy coupons. Printable coupons are accepted, but you can't use a photocopier to make a bunch of extra copies. Use the number of printouts that the manufacturer allows;

- you cannot use mobile coupons at Walmart.

In general, this is a fairly simple and fair policy. Now let's see how to make this policy work for you.

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2. Play the game

Walmart is one of the few stores that allows you to pick up excess after using a coupon. If you show a $2 coupon for a $1 item, most stores will give you the item for free. But if you give this $2 coupon to Walmart, they will give you the item for free and let you keep the coupon overage. You can ask them to apply the extra $1 to other items in your cart, or you can collect the difference in cash. That is, you have a chance to leave the store with more money than you came in. Isn't that pleasing?

To make the most of this nuance, look for coupons that allow you to accumulate excess (as a rule, these are coupons for health and beauty); then use the extra cash to lower the cost of products and items that are rarely found on coupons. Given how much stuff Walmart sells, you can even use the surplus to buy clothes or plants.

It's important not to overdo it. Buying 4-5 overstocks is fine, but you won't be able to buy 100. The store simply won't let you do it (manager's discretion). Perhaps you yourself do not want to take home a bunch of unnecessary things.

Keep in mind that Walmart is committed to complying with any restrictions specified by the manufacturer. If you have a coupon that says that you must buy a product of a certain size, taste or aroma, then this coupon will apply only to such goods. And if it says that you can only use one coupon per transaction, it will.

Some coupon hunters outbid and resell them for profit and decode for their own benefit - both practices are illegal. Decoding coupons has become a big problem in recent years, so manufacturers have increased protection.

3. Do not use competitor coupons

Walmart no longer uses the pricing policy and does not accept coupons of competitors - this practice was discontinued in 2017 year, as stated on the official website of the network.

4. Use coupon apps

Walmart does not allow you to add coupons. They have a strict policy - one coupon for one unit of goods. But you can still use apps for discounts, such as iBotta и Checkout 51to save more. Combine the coupon and discount for the same item - if the total cost of the coupon and discount exceeds the price of the goods, you will even earn!

Another nice feature on the apps is that they often have deals on groceries and milk. Since Walmart strives to offer the lowest price in town for these items, this is an easy way to save even more.

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5. Install Savings Catcher

If you scan your checks for in-app purchases Savings catcher, it will check the declared prices of competitors - if it finds better ones compared to the purchased product, the store will return the difference to your Walmart egift card. It's great, right?

6. Go to the store when there are few people

It’s much easier to use coupons when you don’t have to hustle with other customers. And the cashier will surely be freer to deal with your bundle of coupons if there are not 14 people nearby. You also do not have to wait long for the supervisor. Walmart's registration system is programmed to require supervisor approval when you:

  • use four or more coupons per transaction
  • brought a coupon for 5 dollars or more
  • intend to repay $ 50 or more in coupons per transaction
  • brought coupons that give a percentage of total sales

Avoid shopping at the beginning of the month: This is when people receive Social Security checks and food stamps. Avoid Sunday evenings too.

7. be kinder

If you want to be successful in your coupon shopping, remember to be kind to the people you interact with. For example, a cashier may not know the store's coupon policy as well as you do. Therefore, you may have to explain something to him. Take a copy of Walmart's printed coupon policy with you to show the cashier the rule that applies to your purchase.

Remember that Walmart store managers have the final decision on whether or not to accept your coupon. If they refuse you, don’t be upset and do not arrange scenes, because you are most likely planning to return here.

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