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Only not in the summer: it is important to reject what means and procedures


Source: Pink

In the summer, the aggressive influence of the surrounding world on the skin increases: sun, dust, high temperatures.

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Pink tells what means you should definitely exclude from leaving during this period.


Of course, first of all, it is worth setting aside funds containing acid. Lotions, peels, masks and creams with acids actively "dissolve" the upper layers of the skin, giving it a fresh look, as well as accelerating the processes of regeneration. Thus, the skin is in a permanent regenerating state, which makes it more susceptible to ultraviolet radiation. By removing the stratum corneum, agents with acids increase the risk of pigmentation. For this reason, aggressive peels are not carried out in the summer.

If you refuse completely from the acids is not possible, then leave these funds exclusively for evening care. Do not forget to apply SPF (protective functions from the sun) before going out, because after nightly working acids the skin also tends to pigmentation.


Wax captures not only unnecessary hairs, but also the horny layer of skin. That is why the skin after waxing, as well as after acids, is “bare” and is subject to the negative influence of the sun (pigmentation). In the summer, it is important to completely abandon this procedure or conduct it a few days before the scheduled time under the active sun, which can only be under the use of sunscreen.


In summer, the skin is exposed to high temperatures, which slightly changes the work of the sebaceous glands. Their activity increases, which means that the excretory function of the pores also becomes even more significant. That is why you should not overload your skin in summer with a foundation or powder, as this can cause open or closed inflammation and the appearance of black spots. Try replacing these products with bb or cc creams, cushions, and mineral non-comedogenic powders. For example, cosmetologist Victoria Filimonova recommends the use of powder Jane Iradele.

Thick moisturizer

This stage of care, as moisturizing, in the summer should not be ignored. However, the texture of moisturizers is better to choose gel or serum. In summer, the skin does not need to be hidden under a thick cream film, because of the activity of the sebaceous glands, this can cause comedones and pimples.

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