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Cosmetics that ages you after 30


Source: Fabiosa

In 20 years, you can use whatever shadows you like, and it will look like you went straight from the catwalk. In 30, you begin to carefully gaze at not too bright shades and intricate textures, and after 40 you should forget about some things.

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1. Less mascara

In principle, it is desirable to use less in order to avoid the effect of spider legs. But with age, cilia should be painted thoroughly, but sparsely. The effect of the pupa girl will not work. And do not touch the lower lashes. This will only add years to the face. After 30, it is advisable not to experiment with dubious cheap rulers, in which carcasses often crumble, emphasizing all the wrinkles, writes Fabiosa

2. Pink blush

In his youth, it looks cute, and then it is still worth turning to more relaxed and natural shades. I remember in the 80 trend there was a blond, doll eyelashes and those same Barbie-style rouge. Something more unnatural was hard to imagine.

3. Do not abuse nacre

A bit of shine under the eyebrows will refresh the makeup, but here the solid shadows with mother-of-pearl texture mercilessly emphasize wrinkles. The same goes for sequins and greasy liquid shadows. Pay better attention to dry pressed products and a soft palette of creamy shadows.

4. Correct gamma

Choosing the shadow, you need to take into account the shade of the eyes. Not all that we like, looks good on us. It is necessary to select the tone of the shadows by the principle of contrast:

  • Blue eyes - gray, gray-brown, chocolate, bronze, lavender, lilac, pearl, orange.
  • Brown eyes - champagne, herbal, dark greens, olive, shades of blue, shades of purple and lilac.
  • Green eyes - silver, shades of gray, shades of copper and orange, green, plum, gold.
  • Grey eyes - mint, violet, peach, gray-blue, golden, beige.

NB In any case, even the most saturated color in the makeup should become less flashy with age.

5. Light tones

In principle, dense makeup is needed only on the stage and for photo shoots, so in life try to use the most lightweight tonal foundation with a moisturizing effect, so as not to emphasize wrinkles and folds. This is especially true for age makeup.

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