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5 places where you should not come up


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Makeup is great, especially when done correctly. But "war paint" is not always appropriate. And even a light nude make-up may be out of place in the truest sense of this expression, says Peopletalk. So in what situations and places is it best to do without makeup?

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Even waterproof cosmetics let it remain the lot of girls from the synchronized swimming group. Chlorinated water is not the best friend for your mascara, eye shadow and tonalnik. Mascara may peel off, irritate the eyes, and in combination with bleach, even cause inflammation. The exception is a party at / in the pool, but in this case you should not wet your face.

Fitness club

When you exercise, you sweat, and this sweat must be flushed out through your skin. After a good workout, it becomes obvious that moisture appears not only in the armpits and other "strategic" places, but also throughout the body. By practicing makeup, you deprive your skin of the ability to breathe, and in fact it already carries a serious load.


It’s unlikely that you plan to hit someone with your beauty aboard an airplane, and even so, take pity on your skin. Airliners always have too dry air, which is already not very useful. The foundation will be annoying, and pencils and lipsticks may crumble. In addition, due to the dried surface layer of the skin, they only emphasize its disadvantages.

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The skin is already barely alive - under the open sun, it experiences real stress. Any cosmetics, except sunscreens, can increase irritation and provoke dehydration. And the traditional foundation for makeup can spread, if they have an oil base, but even if it is water, then in hot sun it will cause clogging of pores.

Bed (sleep)

Always remove makeup before going to bed, even if it lasts half an hour, not to mention a night's rest. The foundation will turn into a night… no, not a pumpkin, but the face may well resemble it in the morning. You are guaranteed inflammation and clogged pores, broken or even broken eyelashes. In addition, a dirty pillowcase is also not comme il faut.

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