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What happens if you refuse makeup


Source: World of Ideas

Like many women, you probably spend most of your time in the morning to put yourself in order, which means a long ritual of applying makeup. But have you ever wondered what it would be like if one day you just stopped wearing makeup every day?

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At the same time keep in mind that letting yourself look natural for several days does not mean that you should completely stop painting, writes World of Ideas.

In the end, special events, as a rule, require from us a certain appearance, including special make-up. And if you are afraid to abandon the makeup completely, then you can always go the easier way and remove only some elements from it. Regardless of the reasons why you decide to stop applying makeup every day, if you do manage to do this, then you will most likely encounter the following undeniable advantages.

1. You will notice an improvement in your skin condition.

From time to time your skin just needs rest. Makeup that does not wash off all day can lead to the appearance or intensification of acne and skin irritations. Make-up much harms your health than you can imagine. Strong chemicals contained in cosmetics (including those that are still not officially prohibited) can be deeply absorbed into the skin. In addition, products whose manufacturers claim that they are “environmentally friendly”, “herbal” or “natural” are not always the best choice for you, as there are no adjustments to how companies can use these terms for their marketing purposes. Give up your make-up even for a while - and your skin will thank you!

2. You will become more confident

While some women claim that cosmetics add confidence to them, others, on the contrary, feel more comfortable without it. It is quite difficult to refuse make-up at first, and confidence will not appear immediately. But after a certain period of time, women gradually begin to feel more comfortable in their natural appearance and prefer it to “war paint.” Many women who refuse to cosmetics, begin to realize that they should not worry too much about how they look, which gives them more time to think about other important issues. This does not mean that women who are painted are not confident. But if you try to refuse makeup for a week or two, you will be able to notice that you feel more comfortable and confident in your natural look.

3. It will save you a lot of time.

How much time do you spend on putting on makeup? Half an hour every morning? And a day, and a week? If you decide not to wear makeup, you can sleep an extra hour or use this time for your work. Perhaps the rejection of makeup may not suit some women. But even if you simply will not be beautiful, while you are relaxing at home or alone, you will begin to notice that you have more time for other more important things.

4. You will begin to appreciate your shortcomings.

Do you put tons of makeup on yourself to hide freckles? Or, perhaps, it seems to you that your eyelashes are too light? When you stop painting, you start to get used to your shortcomings, and instead of trying to hide them in every possible way, you will begin to appreciate your unique features. Because your so-called flaws are a part of you as a unique person.

5. You will understand that very few people care about your makeup.

When a woman is still solved and appears without makeup, many of her friends or her beloved husband do not even notice it. In fact, many men think that women look great without makeup. Perhaps this is not suitable for every woman and a purely individual approach is needed, but believe me, for the most part, people do not notice any difference, or even think that without makeup you look more confident and sexy. It is sometimes hard to refuse make-up, because you can still feel uncomfortable without it and strongly depend on what people think about you. But as soon as you become more comfortable without paints on your face, you will understand that no one is looking at you at all, and most people don’t even notice that something is missing.

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