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Meladze urged artists to boycott New Year's shows: public reaction surprised everyone


Source: Kommersant

Singer Valery Meladze called on Russian artists to stop filming New Year's programs. He made an appeal on Instagram, writes “Kommersant”.


All performances, concerts and other events have been canceled until January 15th. Artists, musicians and other people have no jobs, and “nobody cares about that,” Meladze said. At the same time, people go down the subway and often do not comply with measures to combat the coronavirus.

“And New Year's concerts are just entertainment, not a basic necessity. Therefore, they decided to cancel them. But without these entertainments there is no New Year, there is no positive, there is no feeling of a holiday, ”Meladze wrote.

“Imagine if you turn on the TV on New Year's Eve, and there is no New Year's light, no music or entertainment programs. If our work is prohibited by restrictive measures, then we are prohibited from taking part in the New Year filming. I think it would be correct to adhere to these rules and all artists to refuse filming in the New Year programs. Maybe then someone will notice that there is a whole industry in which tens of thousands of people have been unemployed for many months, ”Valery Meladze said.

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Later, the singer had to explain. As it turned out, he wanted to draw attention to the financial losses of artists due to restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic. After the resonance that this story received, the artist retracted his words, telling RIA Novosti that it was not a call for a boycott, but a "hypothetical assumption." Meladze stressed that he would not condemn the participants in the "New Year's lights", and admitted that he himself would take part in them.

Some artists were in solidarity with Meladze, others were not. Thus, the actor Oscar Kuchera "fully and completely" supported the singer's proposal and even suggested that the government exempt the industry from taxes in 2020 and 2021. Anita Tsoi, on the contrary, noted that artists must stay with their fans in these difficult times, writes "Free press".

The profile telegram channel "Kuryatnik" notes that the cost of the singer's New Year's corporate party is estimated at six million rubles (78,5 thousand dollars), and a performance during the New Year's holidays - 3,2 million rubles (41,8 thousand dollars).

Music critic, journalist Sergei Sosedov believes that the artists have lost touch with reality, and the audience would be glad not to see the "disgusting mugs" of the pop stars on the endless "blue lights".

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“After reading hundreds of comments, I haven't seen a single positive reaction from viewers. “God forbid not to see your faces,” they wrote. Or like this: "Can you really make us happy and you won't be on the screen!" However, many did not believe Valery Meladze: "It would be better if you declared a boycott, but this will not happen." Nobody wrote: “What a misfortune. Our favorite artists will not be there. " The audience unanimously spoke out against all these artists, who occupied TV screens during the holidays, ”said Sosedov.

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