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'Kostya manipulated us as women': Sedokova openly talked about VIA Gre, Brezhneva and Meladze


Source: Gossip

During quarantine, stars continue to communicate with each other and entertain their audience through live broadcasts on instagram. Recently, the singer Anna Sedokova and Olga Polyakova spoke in just such a format, writes "Gossip".


In Polyakova's online show, they played the game Truth or Dare? and discussed several hot topics. So, Sedokova remembered her work in the popular female trio "VIA Gra" and shared her opinion about why the collective is not as popular now as it was at the beginning of the XNUMXs.

The artist suggested that everything changed after the group's producer, 56-year-old Konstantin Meladze, married a former member of VIA Gra, 38-year-old Vera Brezhneva. According to Sedokova, after that Meladze lost male interest in the soloists of the group.

“It seems to me that Kostya is no longer worth the whole thing. And as soon as he starts to get up, they immediately clamp his testicles and say: “Wait a second! Where are you looking? ”. I think that this is exactly so, judging by his blissful expression on his face today, ”said Anna.

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Anna Sedokova also told how things were in the group before. The singer clarified that she now communicates with other ex-members of the collective without any pleasure and only in case of emergency - on the set or in concert concerts.

“We have all declared a cold war on each other. No, we communicate very nicely with each other when we have to, but in fact we do not love. Kostya Meladze all the time harshly manipulated us, not as artists, but as women. Very strong manipulation at the level: “Well, who will become my muse today?”. A competition was created in which it was constantly necessary to prove that you were better, ”Sedokova shared.

Recall that Anna Sedokova and Vera Brezhneva (as well as Nadezhda Granovskaya) were part of the “golden composition” of the group “VIA Gra”. They performed together from 2003 to 2004 and it was during this time that they released a large number of hits and achieved the greatest success.

Sedokova left the group in 2004, and Brezhneva left the team two years later. In 2015, Vera Brezhneva secretly married the producer of the team Konstantin Meladze. According to rumors, before that, the couple had been hiding their romance for about 10 years, because until 2013, Konstantin was married to Yana Summ and raised three children with her.

By the way, Konstantin's younger brother, 54-year-old Valery Meladze, was in a similar situation. For a long time he also hid an affair with another ex-member of VIA Gra, Albina Dzhanabaeva. Only 10 years later, he decided to leave the family and marry Albina, with whom he is now raising two sons.

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