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Camilla Parker-Bowles, Monica Lewinsky and 5 other fatal mistresses of famous men


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Strong and famous men started relationships with mistresses for the sake of pleasure, but did not even realize that by doing so they endanger their reputation, fortune and even life, says Big Picture.

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At first glance, it seems that a mistress, unlike a wife, does not play an important role in a man's life. However, the examples of these women show that at all times, lovers could not only influence the lives of famous chosen ones, but also destroy them.


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It is impossible not to remember the Egyptian empress. Many men were ready to take their lives in order to spend the night with Cleopatra. Everyone hoped to impress the queen in order to survive. But the rule was immutable - after the night's pleasures the lovers were executed.

The queen herself was Julius Caesar's mistress. The emperor was crazy about Cleopatra and wanted to help her take the Egyptian throne. However, he was so consumed by feelings for this beauty and someone else's war that he did not notice the conspiracy being prepared against him. Caesar was killed, and Cleopatra immediately began an affair with his friend and successor Mark Antony.

Camilla Parker Bowles

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Many in the UK still consider Camilla Parker-Bowles to be the lovemaker, because of which Prince Charles broke up with his wife. His wife Diana was a popular favorite, "the queen of human hearts," because of which the divorce with her caused a huge scandal. The public was on the side of the princess.

Although Camilla and Charles had known each other long before his marriage, the Crown Prince really loved this woman. On the wedding day, he cried, as he was forced to marry the one that suited him in status. The first time in marriage, Charles tried to work on relationships, but after a few years he realized that he was completely unhappy. Divorce and open betrayal of the heir to the throne was a huge reputational blow to the royal family.

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Now Charles and Camilla are happy in marriage, and even Elizabeth II adopted the chosen one of her son, but he had to go through a lot to finally become happy.

Kristen Keeler

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Kristen Keeler came from the hinterland to conquer the catwalks of London at the age of 15. But with a career as a model, difficulties arose, and the girl had to perform in a cabaret. There she met the influential physician Ward, who was familiar with many high-ranking men.

So the girl simultaneously began a relationship with the British Secretary of War John Profumo and the Soviet intelligence officer Yevgeny Ivanov. Kristen could hide her connections for a long time, if not for another of her fans, who started shooting at Ward's house.

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A scandal could not be avoided: the Minister of War had to resign, and the current situation undermined people's confidence in the politician's cabinet, and he lost in the next elections. The Soviet intelligence officer left the country with a scandal. And Kristen herself became a celebrity and fueled interest in herself for a long time with the help of this scandal.

Marilyn Monroe

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The sex symbol of the twentieth century, Marilyn Monroe, excited the minds of many men. One of them was US President John F. Kennedy. Their romance is still shrouded in a veil of secrecy. Fans of the actress are still wondering what connected "Mr. President" with the talented actress.

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The married politician always had an affair on the side, but it was rumors about his connection with Monroe that caused a huge scandal. And the highest point of tension was the moment when, at the anniversary of the head of state, Marilyn sang the reworked song Happy birthday to you. Then no one had any doubts that celebrities were romantically involved.

Judith Exner

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Exner is another Kennedy mistress. The girl was introduced to the senator and at that time a presidential candidate by her lover - the legendary musician Frank Sinatra.

In her autobiography, Judith later admitted that she became the chosen one of the 35th President of the United States for almost two years. And although the public was accustomed to the then president's betrayals and novels, Exner's published memoirs and subsequent connections with major American mafiosi cast a shadow on the reputation of the head of state.

Sun-Yi Previn

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In 1992, a huge scandal erupted around the name of this girl - everyone learned about her affair with Woody Allen, who was her adoptive father.

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Sun-Yi is 35 years younger than the eminent director, and this fact was widely discussed in the media. Due to the scandal that arose, Woody Allen's reputation suffered greatly, he was even forbidden to see his children. Nevertheless, now Previn and the director are married, they are happy together.

Monica Lewinsky

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Monica was a trainee at the White House. There she met Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States. The young girl's romance with the American leader lasted two years and ended in a huge scandal that practically cost Clinton the post of head of state.

At some point, the girl blabbed to her friend about her relationship with the president, and she recorded her revelations on a dictaphone and later gave the recording to the prosecutor. Clinton's approval rating fell instantly, and George W. Bush became president in the next election.

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