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Marilyn Monroe and US President John F. Kennedy: a love story without a happy end


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About the romance of the cult actress and 35th US President John F. Kennedy, whose relationship history is shrouded in many secrets and rumors, tells the author of the Crazy Empress blog on Yandex Zen.

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The novel of the American film actress, the famous sex symbol, and the President of the United States is still a mystery and excites the audience. What really happened between these richest, most influential and famous people, and how did the sudden outbreak of passion relate to the suicide of Marilyn Monroe? One can only guess about the details of the drama played out in the White House, but you can still lift the veil of secrecy.

Fatal acquaintance

Dazzling beauties are rarely happy in love - this cruel rule turned out to be true for Marilyn Monroe. The woman, whom almost all the men of America dreamed of, always turned out to be unhappy in marriage. The cycle of her lovers and admirers did not give Marilyn what she so dreamed of: calmness and confidence in love.

Everything, it would seem, changed at a Hollywood party in the summer of 1954, organized in honor of the young but already promising Senator John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Knowing the senator's interest in the seductive blonde, his friend, actor Peter Lawford, did everything possible to make the famous film actress also attend this event.

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Future lovers came for the evening, each with a half: John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline, and Marilyn Monroe - with her then-husband, baseball player Joe Di Maggio. However, it is unlikely that the second halves were satisfied with the fun: barely meeting their eyes, Marilyn and John Kennedy already mentally indulged in passion ...

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“Kennedy never took his eyes off me for a second, and at some point I even felt embarrassed,” - Marilyn described this fateful acquaintance. However, at that time, the beautiful blonde did not yet know where love would lead. There were seven more years to commit suicide, but for now, Marilyn Monroe had fun, despite her husband's jealous looks. John Kennedy did not leave her for a minute, and all added to the beauty her favorite champagne ...

"I dreamed about him since I was 15"

That's exactly what Marilyn Monroe said to her assistant, talking about Kennedy. She was delighted with this novel: a secret romantic relationship with a millionaire and a famous politician turned the movie actress's head. Lovers had to put a lot of effort so that the connection did not become the property of the tabloids. As subsequent events showed, they still failed to achieve complete secrecy ...

But for a while everything went perfectly. Marilyn Monroe wrote naive poems about her lover, enjoyed every minute spent together, and sincerely dreamed of becoming his wife.

True, the future president had completely different plans.

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The fading romance flared up with renewed vigor when John Kennedy decided to run for president. Without the support of Marilyn, he, on his own assurances, could not cope. And a woman in love, having refused contracts with film studios for him and having paid a huge penalty, began to travel with him throughout America, urging him to vote for a candidate from the Democratic Party.

Marilyn Monroe Video Archives / YouTube

In a country where every first man was secretly in love with Marilyn, and every second woman dreamed at least a little like the famous blonde, with such support, the candidate was doomed to success. When John Kennedy became the 35th President of America, Marilyn Monroe did not remember herself with happiness: just a little more, and she could become the first lady!

Gentlemen prefer blondes

... But marry brunettes. At least that's what happened in Monroe’s life. The connection continued, the meetings became even more luxurious: now star lovers indulged in passion right in the White House or on board the presidential plane. However, every day Marilyn, ready to sacrifice everything - for example, in order to be unrecognized, the famous film actress dressed as a secretary - understood that the relationship would not have a happy ending.

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The president was in no hurry to marry her. More precisely, I never intended to. And the realization of this simple fact literally drove Marilyn crazy. A loving, deeply unhappy woman began to do desperate things. The last straw was a call to his wife Kennedy. After that, the lovers quarreled.

Merlin left no hope of renewing the relationship; her love grew into an obsession. She came to the 45th birthday of the president to sing her beloved traditional congratulations: Happy birthday to You, Mr. President! The highlight was that Marilyn had a luxurious transparent dress, embroidered with brilliant crystals. There was no underwear under the dress.

Merlin seemed irresistible that evening, but the president felt that it was time to end the affair before a woman in love with him destroyed his career. The need to convey the bad news to Marilyn Monroe fell on John Kennedy's brother, Robert.

Love triangle

Robert Kennedy, who arrived with his brother’s cruel words about the need for separation, stayed in Marilyn’s house longer than he should. Did he just console a crying woman?

It is not known exactly, but the love story of Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedy brothers was inexorably nearing the end.

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On August 4, 1962, Marilyn Monroe called her new lover, Robert. A quarrel broke out between them, during which a woman threatened the president’s brother, saying that she had been keeping a diary for a long time, and could tell a lot about high-ranking beloved presses.

Coincidence or not, but on the 5th morning the famous movie star was found dead in her own bedroom. The official version of her death is an overdose of sleeping pills.

The novel by Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy had an unexpected continuation: already in the 2000s, a certain Joseph F. Kennedy appeared, assuring that he was the fruit of the love of a famous couple. However, there was no unequivocal evidence for this. But how did the Kennedy brothers react to the death of his beloved? The story is silent, but her ex-husband, Joe Di Maggio, buried. Mr. President did not show up at the funeral ...

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