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The mystery of Marilyn Monroe's death: 7 most popular unofficial versions


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Marilyn was found dead on the night of August 4-5, 1962. More than half a century has passed since Monroe's death, but her death is still a mystery to many, writes Big Picture.

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The lifeless body of Marilyn Monroe, without clothes and in an unnatural position, with a telephone receiver in hand, was found on August 5. According to the official version, the actress committed suicide: according to the report of the investigator, she took more than 40 tablets of barbiturates. But until now, incredible theories and hoaxes around the death of the cult artist continue to appear in the world.

It is known that the star was in a neurotic state and used sedatives and stimulants. Both of these factors justify the suicide theory. But still, many are sure that a secret has been hidden behind Monroe's death for many years.

Circumstances of death

On the fateful night, the housekeeper Eunice Murray was in the house with the actress.

Marilyn had been sluggish the previous day and went to her bedroom early. Murray woke up at 3:00 am and felt that something was amiss. She saw the light from under the mistress's bedroom door, but did not understand what had happened, since the door was locked. Then Murray went out into the garden and looked through the bedroom window.

She saw a naked Monroe, lying motionless face down on the bed with a telephone receiver in hand.

Murray immediately called the actress's psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson, who arrived at the house, broke into the bedroom and found Marilyn Monroe dead. The death was officially confirmed by Monroe's physician, Dr. Hyman Engelberg, who arrived at the house at around 3:50 a.m. and at 4:25 a.m. they notified the Los Angeles Police Department of the tragedy.

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Experts found that Monroe died on August 4 between 20:30 and 22:30 pm. A toxicology report later revealed that the cause of death was acute barbiturate poisoning.

In the blood of the actress, 8 mg% chloral hydrate, 4,5 mg% pentobarbital and 13 mg% phenobarbital were found in the liver. Empty bottles containing these medicines were found next to her bed. The likelihood that it was an accidental overdose was ruled out because the dosage found in her body was several times the legal limit.

The actress's doctors said that Monroe was prone to frequent bouts of fear and depression, and she also experienced a sharp and unpredictable mood change. Due to these facts and the absence of any signs of a violent death, doctors identified the cause of her death as suicide.

Here are a few other theories that still circulate in the media and the Web to this day.

Marilyn Monroe was killed by order of the CIA

One theory is that Monroe was ruined by her close ties to the Kennedy family. The actress was commissioned by the CIA to exact revenge on President John F. Kennedy for the failed invasion of Cuba.

But why Monroe? In 2003, Matthew Smith in his book "The Victim: The Secret Records of Marilyn Monroe" writes that the CIA knew about the actress's romance with both Kennedy brothers. After killing her, the authorities wanted to put pressure on the president and his family.

In 2015, Smith's theory was "fueled" by the confessions of a retired CIA officer who, on his deathbed, admitted that it was he who killed Monroe. However, it was later revealed that the officer's confession was nothing more than a hoax courtesy of a fake news site.

Marilyn Monroe killed Robert Kennedy

One of the first versions that arose after the death of Marilyn says that the younger brother of President Kennedy, Robert, killed the artist himself, because he was afraid that she would talk about their romance and his political career would go downhill. The same version was voiced by Frank Capell in 1962 in his book The Strange Death of Marilyn Monroe.

Capella's version did not receive much support, and the passions subsided. But in 1973, the writer Norman Mailer "added fuel to the fire" by releasing another biography of Marilyn, where he claimed that the actress was killed by her lover, Senator Robert Kennedy.

Mailer did not have convincing evidence, but the loud advertising worked - the book was selling in frenzied circulation. Two years later, another follower of this theory, journalist Anthony Scaduto, wrote an article. Drawing on several sources at once, he explained why Kennedy killed Monroe. In his opinion, the actress knew too many political secrets and wrote down information in her secret diary.

Marilyn Monroe killed Robert Kennedy, but he didn't act alone

Another theory was put forward by the "yellow" journalist Anthony Summers, who in 1985 wrote the book "Goddess. Secrets of the Life and Death of Marilyn Monroe. The author claims that Robert Kennedy encouraged Marilyn's bad habits. Moreover, the politician personally took care of the last, fatal dose of sleeping pills.

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According to Summers, the president was afraid that Marilyn would talk about their romance, and therefore, together with his son-in-law, Peter Lawford, organized an overdose. The author also claims that J. Edgar Hoover, who served as director of the FBI, helped to arrange everything as suicide.

Summers' theory is supported by the words of Monroe's housekeeper Eunice Murray, who first discovered the actress's body. In an interview with a journalist, Murray confessed, “Oh, why do I need to keep harboring this? Well, of course, Bobby Kennedy was there, and of course they had an affair. "

Marilyn was accidentally killed by her doctors

Another book about the life and death of Marilyn Monroe was written by Donald Spotto in 1993. According to the author, Monroe lied to doctors about her treatment, as a result of which she was prescribed the wrong dose of medication. With the help of the same housekeeper, Eunice Murray, Marilyn's death was heralded as suicide. Despite police reports and statements from the housekeeper, Spoto's version did not receive support and was rejected.

Marilyn Monroe was killed because she knew too much about UFOs

One of the most insane versions of Marilyn Monroe's death was put forward by extraterrestrial conspiracy theorist Dr. Stephen Greer. He claims that Monroe knew too much about ... UFOs. In his film The Unrecognized, Greer stated that Marilyn was planning to leak top-secret information about the 1947 Roswell Incident (the alleged crash of an unidentified flying object near Roswell, New Mexico, USA). To stop the leak of classified information, the CIA officer got rid of the dangerous blonde by faking suicide.

Marilyn Monroe was killed by the mafia

In 1982, private detective Milo Sperillo voiced a startling speculation: Monroe was killed by union leader Jimmy Hoffa and Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana. Sperillo explains his theory in detail in the book The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: Case Closed.

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Despite dubious evidence, the detective's book led to the reopening of the case of Marilyn's death. However, after a new investigation, the Los Angeles district attorney closed the case: Sperillo's theory was not confirmed.

Marilyn Monroe was killed by the mafia on the orders of the Kennedy brothers

In 2012, biographer Darwin Porter wrote the book Marilyn: The End of the Rainbow, in which he suggested that the actress was killed by Mafia boss Sam Giancana on the orders of one of the Kennedy brothers. Porter believes that Monroe was going to talk about her romances with the president and his brother, and the Kennedy family simply could not allow this. And then - as in an action-packed detective story: Porter writes that at least five mafiosi entered Monroe's house, euthanized the girl with chloroform, then pumped up barbiturates and carried her to the bedroom.

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