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How plastic surgery began in Hollywood: the first experience of celebrities


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Now, plastic surgery is not much more difficult than fixing teeth - there would be money. Whole countries specialize in well-tried and popular standard appearance fixes. The author of the channel writes about this on Yandex.Zen.

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But doing plastic even forty years ago was a risky undertaking, to say nothing of the technologies of the 1940s and 1950s. At the same time, many stars of the golden age of Hollywood took this risk and became the pioneers of many operations that are quite common today.

The approach to plastic surgery in the era of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor was fundamentally different than it is now. In our time, the face is reshaped in a complex and immediately, but earlier some individual flaw was corrected. Moreover, the intervention was rarely radical, so many stars are still debating whether they did plastic surgery or not.

Surgeons learned to work with tissue grafting back in the XNUMXth century, when standards appeared for restoring a nose that had collapsed from syphilis using a tissue flap from the arm. Whoever watched the Nick Clinic series understands how this whole terrible process went.

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And the technology of nose surgery, which does not leave noticeable scars, was invented in the 1880s. But the greatest impetus in the development of facial surgery was given by the First World War - surgeons gained extensive experience in correcting the consequences of facial injuries. Of course, before the era of antibiotics, all plastic surgery was a pure gamble and was done strictly according to the indications or at the client's risk.

The stars of the golden age of Hollywood, unlike modern ones, carefully concealed their operations - and only by the most noticeable things or the failures of surgeons can one judge which of the actors underwent plastic surgery.

Perhaps the most famous plastic surgery loser of the pre-war era was actress Mary Pickford. She was so afraid of aging and wrinkles (the role of the actress was the role of young golden-haired beauties, and her adult heroines were not accepted by the audience), that at a fairly young age she decided on a very radical surgical intervention - skin tightening on her face. The operation was unsuccessful, the facial nerve was damaged, so that Pickford lost the ability to move the muscles of her face and smiled with difficulty. This was the main reason for the end of her film career at the age of forty.

Marlene Dietrich did not go for such a risky intervention - she tightened the skin on her face with special plasters hidden in her hair. But on the other hand, Marlene had several teeth removed to further sharpen her cheekbones. And this greatly recouped her in adulthood - the former famous sharp cheekbones turned into sagging cheeks.

Men also dared to correct some of the shortcomings that their agents advised them to eliminate. Clark Gable and Rudolph Valentino operated on too protruding ears. And the singer Dean Martin did nose surgery - a too wide nose bridge, in his opinion, gave him a miserable expression.

The surgeon rather non-radically corrected Martin's unsuccessful face detail, so it's even hard to notice in the pictures of different years, but the singer was very pleased with the new nose, which made his face nobler.

A few years ago, X-rays of Marilyn Monroe appeared at the auction - shortly before her death, she received a facial injury on the set and turned to a surgeon. Fifty years passed, during which the medical secret was in effect, and these pictures became possible to publish - so it became known that Monroe did at least two plastic surgeries.

I must say that the image of Marilyn Monroe was completely a project of the XX Century Fox studio. A whole team of stylists, dressers, trainers and nutritionists worked on the image of the actress, chosen to become one of the new symbols of the studio.

In the appearance of Monroe, small flaws were noticed, the elimination of which was supposed to improve her image. She had surgery on the tip of her nose, which was too large and overhanging, and an implant was inserted into her chin to make it more expressive and graceful.

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The implant in Monroe's chin was made using an innovative technology in the 1950s of cartilage and a plastic sponge. Shortly before her death, the actress turned to the surgeon: she was worried that the chin made eight years ago was losing shape, and it was time to replace the implant.

Even Elizabeth Taylor's perfect nose underwent surgery - she was slightly corrected at the bridge of her nose, although there was nothing special to fix there. But the stylists felt that the actress needed a little more sophistication, and a minor surgical intervention would provide it. Later, Taylor did a lot of plastic surgery, but it was already a completely different time and almost modern technology.

How do you feel about plastic surgery? What do you think is worth operating and what is whim and whim?

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