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After taking an antibiotic, the woman’s body on 90% was burned.


Source: Fox News

Camille Lagier, a 29-year-old resident of France, underwent tonsillectomy - removal of the tonsils a little over a year ago. After the operation, she was prescribed penicillin, one of the most common antibiotics. As a result of an allergic reaction to this drug, about 90% of the woman's skin was covered with extensive burn-like wounds.

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“The first symptoms were itchy eyes and spots on the back, and it all got worse hour after hour,” Lagier told reporters. According to her, she took penicillin before, without any problems, writes Fox News... This time she ended up in intensive care at the Marseille hospital, where she was diagnosed with toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN), a life-threatening skin condition that causes severe flaking and blistering.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the condition causes the patient's skin to flake off in whole areas, leaving large, untreated areas of the body unprotected, with the result that body fluids with important salts ooze out of the wounds. Such patients are susceptible to infections, and treatment usually requires hospitalization in the burn unit. As a rule, such reactions are caused by antibiotics or anticonvulsants.

“I was covered with bandages, because 90 percent of my skin was a second-degree burn, they took special care of my eyes, because patients after this disease can go blind,” said Lagier.

According to the woman, the allergy affected her mouth, tongue, genitals and trachea, for several days she could not talk.

“I spent eight days with bandages all over my body and face. I was conscious and every minute was torture, ”she said. "After eight days they removed the bandages from my face, and two days later they removed them from my hands."

Lagier told that she spent three weeks in the hospital, said she spent three weeks in the hospital, before she was released, that she was anxious and regretted that she had ever been worried about her appearance.

“Now I love myself and my body with all its imperfections and scars,” says the woman. “Every day I have a chance to see the sunset or have a cup of tea. Happiness is not a smile that I wear when I am around others, it is a smile that I wear when I am alone in front of my own reflection. "

Lagier says that she still has scars and scars after the illness, but they serve as a reminder that she survived. The woman started a blog to inspire others.

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