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Why the boy, kidnapped by the gypsies, did not want to return to his native family


Source: Clever

Vasily Musofranov disappeared in the Russian city of Shakhty at the beginning of the 2000s. That day, the mother lost her 6-year-old son to the market. It turned out the boy had been kidnapped by the gypsies.

Photo: State Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Rostov Region

New "parents" did not allow the child to attend school, only forced to work, says Clever. Hardly reaching adulthood, Musofranov escaped from the camp. Thanks to the watchful policeman, Vasily was reunited with his relatives. However, he did not live long with them.

Abduction and new "Role"

Vasily Musofranov disappeared in the Mines in November 2000. The boy was barely 6 years old. The mother went with her son to the market, from where he was kidnapped by the gypsies. The woman left Basil unattended for a minute. Three men immediately approached the child, treated him to a bar of chocolate and easily put them in the car. A few years later, when Vasily is found, the Musofranov family’s friends would say that if the boy’s mother and father had not abused alcohol and raised their son in the right direction, he would hardly have gone anywhere with the strangers.

Basil really voluntarily agreed to drive a car. The final destination of the trip was the city of Volgograd. There, Musofranov dyed his hair dark and gave a new name and surname - Dmitry Mihai. Gradually, Dmitry began to forget his former life, parents and place of residence. It is clear that the kidnappers it was only at hand. However, in order for the crime not to be revealed, the child did not attend the kindergarten or the school. He only worked - collected scrap metal. All the money the boy gave the Gypsy "relatives". He never learned to read and write.

Searches and special omen

According to relatives, all these years that Vasily was in a camp, the mother, though she did not disdain alcohol, did not stop looking for him. But the initiation of a criminal case on the article "Murder" and the intensified search for the boy did not lead to anything. The situation was complicated by the fact that never in 6 years did the biological parents of Musofranov take a picture of him. However, a picture of Vasily still would not help: after all, the missing person could not find long 16 years. Recognized Musofranov only by a special sign - a birthmark on the chest.

In the field of view of the watchful Volgograd police Dmitry Mihai got in 2016 year. By that time, he had already escaped from the Gypsy family and wandered through the streets. One day, he climbed into someone else's car in order to spend the night in the cabin. From there Mihai and taken to the office. When law enforcement officers began to question the 22-year-old guy about his biography, it turned out that at the beginning of the 2000s, he was stolen from the Roma market. About this Dmitry told someone from his friends as a teenager. Police officers picked up old files and found matches with the case of Vasily Musofranov. The suspicions of the detectives confirmed the birthmark mentioned by the mother of the missing person.

Life with my sister and return to Volgograd

In connection with the expired statute of limitations, the abductors of Vasily Musofranov escaped punishment. But Musofran himself soon found himself behind bars. At first, the guy insisted that he did not want to return to the gypsies. However, the biological father and mother, he was no longer alive. Therefore, he was sent to his sister, who lived in Rostov. But the relatives soon broke up again. According to the stories of Vasily Musofranov’s sister Galina, despite the complete ignorance, my brother did not want to study, and the manners he acquired during his absence left much to be desired. Galina complained that Vasily absolutely did not give in to education. So, Mikhail did not manage to find his own family.

Musofranov returned to Volgograd. Vasily had friends there, whom he had acquired in his “gypsy” childhood. As Musofran himself admitted, being in Rostov, he missed his friends, who, as before, called him Dmitry. Basil returned to the camp only once, when, having decided to take revenge on his captors, he stole a battery from the Gypsy car. For this crime Musofranov and landed in the dock.


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