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A pizza boy rescued a kidnapped woman by reading 'help' on her lips


Source: aol

A pizzeria courier helped save a woman from her tyrant boyfriend. Police arrested 55-year-old Dean Hoffman of Grafton, Wisconsin, after a delivery clerk drew attention to a woman in the house who uttered “help me” with her lips.

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Hoffman was charged with domestic violence after, allegedly, he came to the house of a former girlfriend, where he beat and tied her, writes aol. Driver Joey Grandl said that he gave the pizza to the man who opened the door, and noticed that there was a woman behind him in the house. She had a badly black eye, and she whispered something.

Silently asking the pizza guy for help, she also “spoke” the word “police”. And Grundle got it right.

According to the complaint, the victim, a 57-year-old woman, began dating Hoffman in 2016. Until August 2018, they lived together. After parting, she moved to another house. At about 27 am on Thursday, September XNUMX, Hoffman entered her home without permission or warning, investigators said. She asked him to leave and grabbed the phone to call the police. He snatched the phone from her hands, grabbed her, and dragged her to the steps leading up.

Hoffmann pushed the victim, causing her to fall back on the steps, then pulled her hair, ripped off her shirt and continued trying to pull her up the stairs. Trying to break free, the woman struck the former boyfriend in the groin, and he responded by stabbing her in the face, leaving her with a broken nose and a bruise under her eye. Later, Hoffman locked himself with her in the bathroom for about half an hour while she was bleeding from the nose.

Prosecutors say that Hoffmann forced her to go upstairs and lie down on the bed, tying her arms and legs with a power cord from a vacuum cleaner, and then stuffing a towel in her mouth so that “no one could hear her”. The woman told investigators that, being bound, she was afraid for her life because she had difficulty breathing.

After about 30 minutes, Hoffman untied her, but for the next several hours did not allow her to leave the house. The woman reminded Hoffmann, "If you love me, you will let me go," to which he replied, "You know I can't do this."

Hoffmann remembered that he was going to "pull the gun out of the car to shoot them both." From her phone, he wrote text messages to the children of the victim, saying that she was sick and would not come in a few days. But his decision to order pizza Dominos allowed her to escape.

The pizza boy called 911 and told the operator that he was delivering the order to a middle-aged couple, saw a woman with a black eye there, and was completely sure that she said with her lips: "Help me!"

When the police arrived, Hoffmann at first did not allow the woman to open the door, but eventually allowed the officers to enter and was arrested without incident. The victim said she was truly confident that he would kill her that night. Hoffman himself told the police that he had just quarreled with his ex-girlfriend and hit her face in the heat of the moment.

When asked about gun ownership, Hoffman said that the neg was in the trunk of a caliber 0,22 firearm.

“I am grateful to the delivery driver for paying attention to what was happening, it could have been much worse,” said the victim's neighbor, Amy Hammarlund.

Hoffman has been charged with kidnapping, forcing, strangling, tying up, prosecuting and burglary of the victim.

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