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The kid disappeared after staged abduction


Source: New York Post

Police chief William McManus at a press conference held on Monday, January 7, refused to say whether the investigators of King's 8-month-old boy, Jay Davila, were considered alive.

Photo: San Antonio Police Department

The police said only that the baby was not in the car, which, according to his 34-year-old father Christopher Davila, was stolen when he left her near the store, writes New York Post.

“It was not a kidnapping. It was a dramatization, ”McManus told reporters.

He also stated that the woman who was seen driving the car is Davila's cousin.

45-year-old Angie Torres was arrested on charges of robbery unrelated to missing a child. Torres stole the razors from the Dollar General store and pushed an employee who tried to stop her. It happened on Sunday, that is, two days after the police reported that she had organized, together with Davila, the abduction of the child.

The recording made by the video surveillance cameras in the store revealed that Torres was walking down the street with a child’s chair after the abduction, which Dawila had announced around 7 in the evening.

McManus said he could not disclose the details of the staged abduction, but stressed that investigators hope to locate the child through witnesses.

“We know that there are witnesses who have more information on this case. We received a lot of information from conversations with various family members, as the investigation continued, but we still do not have an answer, where King Jay is now. This is what we are trying to find out, ”said McManus.

The police press service confirmed that the search for the boy continued on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, late on Monday, Christopher Davila was released from custody.

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