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'She was an excellent performer': Kirkorov spoke about the conflict between Pugacheva and Legkostupova


Source: Radio KP

Philip Kirkorov stood up for Alla Pugacheva in the unofficial conflict between Alla Pugacheva and the late Valentina Legkostupova, reports Radio KP.

Photo Shoot: fkirkorov / Instagram

After the tragic death of the singer of the hit "Berry-Raspberry", rumors spread in the media that during her lifetime the singer harbored a grudge against Prima donna - Alla Borisovna allegedly closed access to the stage for Valentina because of Pauls' songs.

Pugacheva herself is in no hurry to respond to such comments. Music critic Sergei Sosedov spoke for her earlier. He stated that Alla, at the dawn of her career, was distinguished by colossal greed - she did not allow other artists to sing Pauls songs and did not perform them herself.

On the subject: Legkostupova blamed the Prima Donna in her unsuccessful career until her death

The disclosed information angered the ex-husband of Pugacheva Philip Kirkorov. He has repeatedly stated that he is ready to break up anyone who offends the Diva. It looks like this day has come.

In the program "Live" Kirkorov hinted that it is not worth blaming Pugacheva for other people's misfortunes.

“I heard these dirty rumors that Alla Pugacheva put someone there, did not let them go somewhere. So, I want to protect the great singer. Don't blame another person for your failures. Valya was an excellent performer, she had her own audience, ”he assured those present in the studio.

Kirkorov stressed that he knew and communicated well with Valentina Easily accessible... True, Philip could not fly to her funeral, because he is in Greece with his son and daughter. The artist assured that he remembered his colleague mentally and called the time of their communication "wonderful".

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