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The most expensive mask from COVID-19 in the world: an American paid $ 1,5 million for the product


Source: New Time

An art collector from the United States, whose name remains a secret, commissioned a famous Israeli jewelry brand to create a protective mask from precious materials, writes New Time.

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Israeli jeweler Isaac Levy, owner of Yvel jewelry brand, creates the world's most expensive mask to protect against COVID-19. It is made of 18-carat gold, encrusted with 3,6 thousand black and white diamonds. In addition, the mask will have a built-in N99 filter with a high level of protection.

“I don’t think the owner will wear this mask in the supermarket, but I’m still sure he will wear it,” jokes Isaac Levy.

Screenshot: World News Network / YouTube

The jeweler said the future owner of the world's most expensive mask is a Chinese art collector living in the United States.

“He is our longtime client, very charming, very sociable, very wealthy and loves to stand out,” Isaac Levy described the client.

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The jeweler expects to complete the creation of the mask in October and personally bring it to the client. A team of 25 masters is working on the creation of the mask. This work could be seen as a vulgar display of wealth in such difficult times, but Levy believes that this protective mask is primarily a work of art.

Screenshot: World News Network / YouTube

“Many people will see in our work the most expensive mask in the world, and perhaps this is really important. But for us it is, first of all, an opportunity to save jobs at our enterprise, ”summed up the owner of the Yvel jewelry brand.

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