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Father's soul cry: “Total 50 dollars could save a daughter from death!”


Source: The Washington Post

A father who does not hide prescription pills from a teenage daughter cannot forgive himself for her death from an overdose, says The Washington Post.


“If I spent only $ 50 on a first aid kit with a lock, my daughter would have lived to be 13,” the orphaned parent literally shouts. - After all, many of us spend more in a cafe like Starbucks“. One day, 12-year-old daughter of the writer Jordan Magilla did not wake up in the morning. The wife ran to his bathroom screaming. A naked and wet father rushed into the child's room in shock and found her lifeless. He gave her CPR while the second daughter called 911. But the girl was already dead.

On the eve, around the evening 5, the girl swallowed a full handful of her father's antidepressants, the dosage more than 10 times the daily appointment for an adult. She vomited - and she told her parents only about it. She was measured for temperature, watered with warm liquid and put to bed. They did not recognize the pills. Vomiting did not save the girl from the poison, which has already begun to be absorbed into the blood. Her texts on social networks talked about plans for the weekend - but until the morning the girl fell into a coma and died. Parents have not figured out why she took the medicine.

Yes, most parents, thinking about the dangers that lie in the way of teenagers, simply because they are teenagers, hide weapons and other real sources of potential injury or death. But few people think about the first-aid kit in the bathroom, and pediatricians did not tell about it. Everyone is talking about tablets, electrical outlets and other banal things. In the 2013 year, according to the CDC, almost 60 000 children were taken to intensive care due to overdose. More than 1700 of them died in 2014 due to prescription drugs. The price of the first-aid kit with a lock is $ 48,99. But the price that the family had to pay is much higher, says the inconsolable father.

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