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500 million and depression: the story of beauty stars YouTube Michelle Fan


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26-year-old Michelle Fan, a super-popular beauty blogger from Santa Monica, didn’t leave home for several months, didn’t answer fans' questions and didn’t publish new video works. Recently star YouTube admitted that she suffered from severe depression, and is now gradually returning to social life online. And all this despite the huge popularity and good money (more than $ 500 million), which bring her own company and blogging.


Michelle Fan's childhood was not easy. The girl was born in Boston in a family of Vietnamese immigrants and lived in a mobile home. At school, they made fun of her because of her appearance and name. Fan found solace in drawing. Before 18, the future beauty blogger No. XXUMX was not beautiful, and she devoted her free time to drawing comics.


In the first blog, Michelle Fan created a new destiny - the girl literally painted an image of herself successful and happy, and very quickly gathered an audience of more than 10 thousand people. When the public learned about the life of the real Michel, people were so shocked that they collected thousands of dollars for 10 for her family. The girl promised to earn enough for 25 years so that her mother could leave her hard work. In the meantime, she worked as a waitress and unsuccessfully sent out resumes to cosmetic companies.

In 2007, Michelle Fahn shot her first training video for YouTube. For some 14 days of video 70 gathered thousands of views, and for the year - 1 million. The blog began to generate revenue: for every thousand views 25 cents. This was not enough for training, and Michelle dropped out of college.

In 2010, the first contract with Lancôme. For a series of reviews paid about 80 thousands of dollars. Blogger noticed in L'Oréal - three years with Fan, new product development was carried out, but the project Em turned out to be a failure: the audience did not accept either price or quality. Fan refused to partner with brands and retired from social media, embarking on a nine-month journey around the world. “People thought I was dead,” Michelle said of the fans' reaction to her disappearance.

After the failure, Michelle redeemed Em l'Oréal and restarted the line, three times lowering the price and having worked on the quality, and also founded a subscription service for cosmetics samplers and called it Ipsy. Since 2012, the business has become incredibly popular and today brings its owner more than 150 million dollars a year, with a total project cost of more than 500 million. For only 10 dollars a month, any subscriber can get a set of miniatures for different moods and occasions. The resource controls 62% of the US market in a similar niche - now 2,5 million people are subscribed to it. Michelle also opened the service Open studio, for which famous makeup artists, stylists and beauty gurus create their own videos.

Edition Time Fan has been included on the 46 list of women who changed the world. Michelle is said to gradually return to her former self and is once again preparing to please her fans - while she draws comics and creates graphic novels. In everyday life, the girl is still not painted.

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