The article has been automatically translated into English by Google Translate from Russian and has not been edited.

A three year old girl almost died from cat scratches.


Source: The Daily Mail

Little Lilianna Batstone of Taunton, Somerset, was treated for chickenpox when her domestic cat accidentally scratched her neck. As a result, the girl developed a potentially fatal syndrome of toxic shock, and the baby almost died, writes The Daily Mail.

At first no one noticed the scratch, but after a few hours the girl complained of pain, and then began to itch and scream. She was taken to the hospital on the verge of life and death: the child was covered with a rash and could not stop vomiting. The girl's mother believes that the baby would not have survived if the doctor who was taking her did not deal with the other patient at the same time.

Toxic shock syndrome is commonly thought to be caused by the use of female tampons, as reported on the boxes. But almost no one knows that this can happen after a cat scratch. Probably, the fact is that the sore from chickenpox easily “passed” the bacteria that caused the shock into Lilianna's body. But it can happen to anyone, Mrs Batstone says, if the person already has a sore on their skin.

According to the mother and the doctor, if you recognize the situation in time and get treatment, then the person will fully recover. Now Mrs. Battone hopes that her daughter will not have the long-term effects of infection. The life of little Lilianna is not in danger anymore, she is in the hospital and continues treatment.

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