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Mother sacrificed her life to give birth to her sixth child.


Source: SF Gate

Carrie DeKlein, a mother of six from Michigan, refused cancer treatment that could save her own life in order to save her last pregnancy, writes SF Gate.


Carrie, 37, developed headaches with vomiting in March. The scans showed an aggressive and malignant brain tumor. Doctors gave her 5 years. The tumor was removed, but a month later the family received two shocking news: the cancer had returned, and Carrie is in her 8th week of pregnancy. There were two options: to prolong life with “chemistry” by terminating the pregnancy, or to save the child through the efforts of medicine, but never see him. There were 34 weeks left before delivery.

After two extensive strokes in 19 and 22 weeks, Carrie was transferred to artificial feeding and life support devices. The doctors did everything to save the child, but the woman never regained consciousness. The baby in the womb weighed only 387 grams. When he scored a pound, it turned out that the baby does not move. The father was offered a choice: to pray or to give consent to a cesarean section. Nick DeClane chose the operation.


A girl weighing grams 567 was born, named Life Lynn. Two days later, the baby's mother died. According to her husband, before her death, Carrie opened her eyes for a moment, after which her breathing slowly faded. In addition to the newborn, the woman has six children. A few days to help an orphaned family activists Facebook-groups Сure4Carrie collected more than 100 thousand dollars.

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