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'A story about pain': Efremov's son spoke frankly about his father's letters from the colony



Actor Nikita Efremov, for the first time after the verdict passed to his father for a fatal traffic accident provoked in a drunken state, told the details of what Mikhail Efremov asks in letters from the colony and how he changes his prison sentence, writes

Photo: video frame YouTube / Ksenia Sobchak

The actor's revelations sounded in an interview on the youtube channel of Ksenia Sobchak. In particular, Efremov Jr. spoke about the attitude towards his father and meetings with him during the trial.

“In that situation, the main thing for me was to love him no matter what, no matter how hard it was for me or for him. To love does not mean to justify or not to justify, just energetically: if I am needed, I am there, ”Nikita said.

“For me, it's still a story about pain. And about the fact that with this pain he still remained alone inside himself ... And I understand that in a certain scenario, the same thing could happen in my life. And for any person who drinks and gets behind the wheel ... This is uncontrollability, ”Efremov confessed.

At the moment, according to the actor, he and his father constantly communicate in correspondence.

“He asked me to find out how Anna-Maria was doing, how Kolya was (Nikita’s half-brother and sister). I shared with him my concerns and the details of what work I have to do. He was also happy, I wrote to him about my grandmother's birthday, and she said that she loved him very much, - said the actor.

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After Mikhail Efremov was transferred to a colony in December, “from there he wrote that everything is in order, he is such a person,” his son said.

“Of course, I have such a hope that this will completely change him, that he will come to something, but it may be the other way around. If I wait too long for something, it turns into waiting. And where there are more expectations, there are more disappointments. I don’t want to, ”noted Efremov Jr.

The son hopes that Mikhail Efremov will endure his term in the colony, “perhaps this will give a look at the values ​​that are in life with different eyes: wake up in the morning and be happy that you woke up and that you are alive”, - summed up the actor.

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