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'Mom loved to drink and beat me to the songs of Zemfira': Efremov's daughter spoke about a difficult childhood


Source: Star hit

Anna Maria does not like to remember her childhood with a drinking mother. According to the girl, the parent raised her hand more than once, and she did it to the compositions of her beloved singer Zemfira. Now the voice of the artist causes only negative emotions in the star heiress, writes Star hit.

Photo Shoot: amefremova / Instagram

19-year-old Anna Maria admits that she is ashamed to call Ksenia Kachalina a mother. After the divorce from Efremov, the woman began to lead a reclusive lifestyle and abuse alcohol without taking care of her daughter at all.

“Why am I so thin? From underfeeding in childhood, - said Anna Maria. - I am missing a lot of details. There were many unpleasant things that I am not ready to talk about. The same applies to her roommates, or rather random fucks. "

Former wife of Efremov. Screenshot: Forex Trader / YouTube

Now the eldest daughter of Mikhail Olegovich lives separately from her parent, but she still cannot forget all the horrors of domestic violence.

“There were also“ wonderful ”episodes: cutting Zemfira at full power at three or four nights when you go to school the next day. It left such a mark ... You must have watched films about soldiers in Vietnam like Apocalypse Now. So, if I turn on some of Zemfira's songs, Vietnamese flashbacks will begin with hammering into a corner and swaying. It's just that my mother loved to drink, Zemfira and beat me to her songs, "Efremova was indignant in the YouTube show" Between Us. "

Photo Shoot: amefremova / Instagram

It is in a difficult childhood that a girl sees the roots of all her complexes and addictions.

“I really don't want to drink alcohol,” says Efremova. - You see my genetics. Besides, I am a person who was addicted to sweets. In general, my addiction is formed by clicking on anything: the Internet, reading, games ... I tend to blame genes for this. But, perhaps, this is due to post-traumatic stress disorder, when you want to seize and wash down the resulting anxiety. I took antidepressants for a while. ”

Photo Shoot: amefremova / Instagram

The only one with whom Anna Maria developed a warm relationship is her father. Mikhail Efremov never skimped on warm words addressed to his daughter, confessed his love to her and provided financial assistance. True, he visited the heiress only once a month.

“I love him as a person,” the girl confessed. - He is, in my understanding, a parental figure. But at the same time, there were enough strange characters from TV shows and films in front of my eyes to perceive them as a certain image of a father. The same Dean Winchester from Supernatural. He was my ideal daddy. "

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