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Russian stars are obsessed with healthy food and give advice


Source: Rambler

Every year more and more people follow a healthy lifestyle. There are many reasons for this, including health problems - in particular, digestion.

According to statistics, from 50 to 60 percent of the world's population suffers from disruption of work and diseases of the digestive system due to the quality of products, bad habits and stress. But the main postulate is still the same: if you want you to have a healthy digestion, eat right, writes Rambler.

Russian showbiz stars advise on how to get the right diet.

Victoria Bonya


- I do not sit on diets. I eat basically everything at will. The only thing in the minimum is sweets. Just indifferent to them since childhood. Preference is given to steamed food. I love fruits and vegetables. And to maintain the weight I need, I believe that there is no better way than regular exercise.

Vera Brezhneva


- You can not eat at night. For most, it is harmful and fraught. Ask any doctor, the stomach should rest at night, and not digest food. Therefore, you need to have a few hours before bedtime, so that he has time to digest food. The heaviest food is digested from 4 to 6 hours. Therefore, we look on our own. I mostly eat dinner easily, so I finish dinner 4 hours before bedtime. At night, the body rests, and in the morning happy flat tummy. They say I can not eat at night - it is a habit. Any habit ceases to be in 21 day. Try not to eat 21 for the night - you don’t want to go to 22.



- I read a lot of things about nutrition and I understand that when you stick to a diet, you can eat both sweet and flour, you just need to choose unrefined foods and natural sugar substitutes. Now, after all, there are so many all kinds of organic products, low-calorie equivalents to our usual snacks! And, of course, I try not to eat fatty or fried, I prefer food cooked in a couple.

Sati Casanova


“I’m peppering everything that comes my way!” Witnesses of this action are always in shock, they say, how can you pepper the porridge, jam, honey and other dishes? And I will tell you: it is possible! It is very tasty and piquant. And in general, according to Ayurveda, a person is saturated with food to the full when all kinds of flavors are present in it: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, spicy, astringent. And it is important to keep a balance between tastes, as they give a certain state and mood to a person. For example, now I eat millet porridge, slightly salted, transverse, with slightly sour dried apricots and sweet dates. A bitter taste gives me coffee with cardamom, brewed in the Turk.

Irina Pegova


- The volume eaten should be equal to the size of your cam. There must be slowly. If you are not in a hurry, catch the moment when you are full. Ideally, lunch should take an hour. It is recommended to drink food with clean water. From coffee and tea is better to refuse at all, they dehydrate the body. Therefore, I try to drink only water - up to four liters per day. Before breakfast I drink about a liter.

Lyaysan Utyasheva


- I like to steam a lot - fish, chicken, rabbit, vegetables. My secret is the use of useful specialized products. I see no reason to go on a diet if you are not going to sit on it all your life. It is necessary to gradually give up bad habits and replace them with healthy ones, to eat right, without spending much time preparing food. For example, to replace harmful sugar with useful or to taste delicious without harm to the figure.

Yana Churikova


- I have a fractional power. I eat every two hours and a little bit, so as not to have the feeling that I am now going to die of hunger. I do not eat anything before training: I wake up, drink a glass of water - and on the mat. Only then breakfast. I love cereals, for example pshyonka. I do not understand the wailing of some girls - "necessarily on the water and without sugar!" This is breakfast, baby! He must charge in such a way that he has enough power for a long time. Sometimes they say: "I use gluten-free, lactose-free, caffeine-free foods." It is like a non-alcoholic beer and a rubber woman! Skin-friendly products? Omega-3 fatty acids, they are contained by normal sea fish - preferably not Norwegian salmon grown artificially, but wild - ours, Russian. Omega-3 helps the skin stay supple and clean.

Olga Shelest


- You need to eat in small portions every three to four hours. Protein, fat, carbohydrate - ate and went! I have two breakfasts, lunch, afternoon tea. And, of course, dinner. Once a month, two or three days, I eat only vegetable and fruit juices. Cleansing the body of toxins and slags - it is very useful and gives unprecedented ease to the body. Well, it helps to fight excess weight. When a child has been eating Olivier since the age of two, shish kebab, borsch along with adults, it is sure that it will come around again with obesity and gastric diseases. Therefore, I will do everything so that the nutritional habits of my children are formed in accordance with proper nutrition.

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