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In vain lost time: why Julia Vysotskaya hates a healthy lifestyle


Source: Rambler

Fans of 44-year-old Julia Vysotskaya do not get tired of giving her compliments about her appearance, because despite the fact that she is twice a mother and constantly works with food, the actress keeps an excellent figure and literally glows.


All this is due to the correct lifestyle, says the star. But he advises not to confuse it with the fashionable "healthy lifestyle," writes Rambler.

“There is nothing worse than the abbreviation HLS. The expression “healthy lifestyle” affects me like a red rag bull. It implies proper nutrition. What does it mean? Complete absence of sugar, alcohol, spicy, fatty, salty, high-calorie, flour, coffee, chocolate ... Lack of happiness and joy!

Has anyone tried to give up all this? I am yes! And I consider the days, weeks, months just lost. Well, that is not years ", - quotes Julia"Wday».

Having tried to live as the fitons advise us, the actress has become a grumpy woman dissatisfied with herself and with life.


“Absolutely a time gone by, when the body did not understand what was happening to it, was in complete panic and began to stock up like a madman. Because instead of the reward, we give him 10 kilometers of jogging and another hour of strength yoga. How did I look at this? Not exactly like a dream woman: with huge bruises under my eyes, but it was impossible to come closer to me than two meters, because I was biting very hard, ”the star states.

Monodiets and detoxes give only a temporary effect, Julia is sure. The secret of health and beauty is to develop your system:

“If I want to continue to be a sought-after actress, I must always stay in shape and be attractive. Not only should I be of one size or another, but I also have to jump and not choke, my face should at least fit into the frame and be fresh.

I understand that if I have a speech today, I can’t drink champagne with a girlfriend until one o'clock the night before. In this order, it is desirable to be all the time. But it happens that you get so tired that you no longer understand what you have eaten - some kind of drying, bread with butter and cheese. And where are my boiled vegetables? I even seemed to bring them with me, but I have no strength for boiled vegetables. Give joy! It happens at all, but such food in no case should not become the rule. This is your discipline. ”

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