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How I lost weight on 100 pounds without dieting


Source: New York Post

100 pounds is over 45 kg overweight. It is from this “baggage” that 23-year-old Chloe Longstaff was able to get rid of, without spending a day on diets. At least, she herself claims so, and tells her story of losing weight especially for New York Post.


About two years ago, Chloe's brother became engaged and invited her to become a bridesmaid — then the girl was shocked by the fact that she could not get into an elegant dress. Chloe was so amazed that she decided to turn from a man dependent on fast food into a healthy young woman with good habits.


Before taking on the weight, Chloe threw herself a “farewell banquet,” gathering all the cookies, biscuits, chocolates and chips in the house and eating it all in one sitting. At the time, she weighed over 220 pounds (98 kg) and was only 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) tall, and has been eating stress since her teens when she was teased for being overweight.

The girl now weighs 139 pounds, but she admits that the path has not been easy. At first, there were regular breakdowns, she could eat all night. However, Chloe claims to have lost weight naturally and never followed a specific diet, took pills, or had surgery. What was she doing? “I lost weight by adopting a healthy, balanced lifestyle, eating a lot of healthy foods and exercising a lot,” writes Chloe.


She counted calories and wrote down everything she ate in her diary to make sure that there was a shortage of calories in her diet, which was necessary for weight loss, and she was also actively working to burn more energy than she did with food. According to Chloe, she believed in herself from the very first day - and this helped, despite the breakdowns that everyone has. The main thing is not to deviate from the plan, and continue to move towards the goal.

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