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Audit wardrobe - how do stylists?

Lucy Zaichkina

stylist, author of the blog "Idealist"



All last weeks i collected bags. It was a serious task - to pack 5 years of life in their suitcases. But the smaller things became at home, the more everyone liked it, even the children! Only the really necessary things remained at home, it was easier to get out, and order returned to the place of chaos in life. I stood at the door of the dressing room, gazing around my clothes and shoes. It was not much, but even on hangers and shelves, I could not help but note how calmly and harmoniously the colors and textures echoed. I made out my wardrobe twice a year before the start of the season. But this time she planned an audit before going to Russia. I needed to leave only what I could wear for several more weeks in Miami and take with me to summer Moscow with an eye for autumn. Taking advantage of the excellent reason, I decided to share how the stylists were making out their wardrobe.


Linen shirt, Rails; skirt, David Lerner; similar top, Vitanin A; ankle boots, Anine Bing; earrings Lucky Brand

The first thing that needed to be done was to remove the clothes that were not suitable for the season. Jackets, scarves, coats - everything warm should not have flashed before my eyes in the summer. I recommended these things to be carefully packed in boxes and out of sight. Often the presence in the closet of clothes that we did not wear due to inconsistencies with the weather led to a situation where you stood in front of a crowded closet with the thought that there was nothing to wear.


Ideally, the rest of the clothes should have been tried on, in order to evaluate whether they really wanted to wear them or remove many things, because they didn’t like, tired, didn’t fit or didn’t fit. I advised the girls with whom I worked as a stylist, not to be lazy and photograph my own images through the mirror. It was a great look at yourself! The sets could be combined in different ways, played with accessories, and just stand in front of the mirror to understand - Is that girl looking at you from there, what would you like to be? With such a revision it became clear that a lot of similar clothes have accumulated or that you have been saving for the last couple of years. If at this stage there were difficulties it was possible to send the images collected by yourself for analysis to the stylist.

One of the main tasks of such a fitting was - identify those things that are missing. Often it was enough to buy current and fashionable shoes for old clothes to play, or 2-3 new top. Photos were always on hand in the phone and they could be reviewed later in the dressing room during shopping. I recommended to add to the wardrobe at least two or three new things every season, regardless of the abundance of things in the closet. It was a delusion to think that if you bought black pants five years ago, then you already have an irreplaceable classic. Time passed, fashion changed, and black trousers suddenly began to be distinguished by a high waist and ankle-length opening.


Store or leave? This question was one of the most frequently asked of me. What to do with the old designer shoes, bags that are not torn down, but have lost their relevance? In this case, I advised you to listen to yourself. There were really close things to the heart. And there were let designer, let once bought for the whole salary, but keen to the obscene of boats. So in my hands lay the blue “Mary Jains” Marc Jacobs - brand new ones, bought a hundred years ago in Bosco di Ciliegi. One glance at them was enough for me to understand - I never again want to be a girl of blue “Mary Janes” ...

What I recommended to leave in addition to just favorite things were bags-investments, such as Chanel or Hermes, jewelry, scarves, or very basic things, such as a black turtleneck or jeans. Designer shoes, unlike bags, as movable property, unlike real estate, became obsolete and lost in price faster. Unnecessary things could be sold in consignment stores or donated to those whom they could like. In America, girls donated things to the websites of The Real Real, Vestiaire Collective, or used the program in the phone Offer Up. In Russia, they sold them on Avito, in commission stores of designer clothes or thematic groups on Facebook.


The filter size was size. Girls, and especially those who survived pregnancy and childbirth, often became the owners of multi-dimensional abundance in the closet. I recommended removing everything that is not enough out of sight - these things could hardly become a serious incentive to lose weight. These were irritants, and I advised to return them only if they began to fit the figure. Things that were a bit too large, and especially the top, could be left - many of them looked like a well-chosen oversize, and it was easier to beat them with other clothes.


Similar denim, Blank Nyc; skirt, David Lerner; similar top, Vitanin A; ankle boots, Anine Bing; earrings, Lucky Brand

7. Almost imperceptibly, we accumulated certain things that required repair, body fit or corny dry-cleaning. I myself sinned by throwing everything that had gone bad into the bag, and then for many months I did not have time to deal with them. But one small effort led to the fact that they returned to the wardrobe as new, good things and should not be neglected. Therefore, any end of the analysis of wardrobe, ended with a mandatory reconstruction, without reservation, not laziness and lack of time.


Summary. After revising the wardrobe, adding new things to it and putting old ones in order, I advised to think it over again:

  • Are things in complete sets?
  • Do you have enough shoes?
  • Are there any lonely things that are not clear what to wear?
  • Were things unclaimed, because underwear did not fit them?
  • Did the wardrobe match the lifestyle and weather?
  • Is it time for a change?

Looking at my clothes, I also launched a “calculator” in my mind.

- So, for this leather skirt and half boots in Moscow, I will need a jumper! And perhaps it's time to remember what tights are ...

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