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5 beauty secrets from art director Dior makeup


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There are legends about the beauty of French women. About their charm and sophistication. And besides the natural beauty and elegance, French women skillfully use makeup. Some secrets were revealed by the art director of Dior make-up Peter Philips at the show Dior couture in Paris. This magazine tells Elle.

These secrets are very simple, and many French women know them from an early age. The right thing is to emphasize, to give the rest a look of naturalness and naturalness.

1. Eyebrows
Bulky and fluffy eyebrows are still in trend, but the careful drawing of the contour is no longer. Excessive pencil highlighting only distracts attention. In order to give the eyebrows a natural look, it is enough to hold a fixing brush with gel on them.

2. Face tone
Foundation and abundant disguises are suitable for celebrities and theme parties. Transparent, healthy-looking skin is an all-time classic. It is difficult to achieve an even layer, but the absence of foundation is better than its excess.

3. Eyelids
One of the pieces of Peter Philips - "wet makeup." In order to get such a gentle effect, you need to put a light transparent luster on the eyelids. The color of the century from this almost does not change, but gives impeccable moist radiance that lasts all day. And the look becomes almost cosmic.

4. Hair and Perm
A woman with a light casual hairdo is always attractive. And for any French woman, this hairstyle becomes the basis of the image. In order to achieve the desired effect - use two devices for curling. For example, a curling iron and a rectifier. Or two different ironing.

5. Tea bags for a clear look
The old proven way of our grandmothers - tea tea bags. This trick will save your eyes from redness, from bruises under the eyes and from small inflammations on the eyelids. And the way is easy and affordable: brew a cup of tea, pull out the bag and let it cool. Then put on the eyelids for 10-15 minutes.

Peter Philips once took a model of barley on the eye with a tea bag. For this, he brewed chamomile tea, and the bag itself attached to the inflamed place.

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