The article has been automatically translated into English by Google Translate from Russian and has not been edited.

Sparkly naked breasts become the trend of the Glastonbury-2017 festival


Source: Daily Mail

In the UK on Wednesday, June 21, the famous festival started Glastonbury-2017. It is very popular with music lovers. Thousands of people from different countries of the world come to the festival, they live in tents, listen to the performances of their favorite performers, have fun and relax. Often, many come to G just for fun party. This year the biggest trend of the festival became naked chest in sequins.

The most courageous fashionable girls shone topless, decorating their breasts with bright sparkles and stones.

At the festival G always fun There are no dress codes, so guests can afford to bare in the heat of June. Many girls undress and behave very relaxedly.

Recall the festival Glastonbury-2017 will end on Monday, June 26.

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