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Why tea for weight loss does not work: doctors explain


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The phrase "slimming tea" is on everyone's lips. You must have seen ads on social networks or heard about the wonderful results from a friend, writes magazine "Health". Slimming teas promise quick, and most importantly easy disposal of extra pounds.

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But do these tools work? The testimonies of celebrities will make you believe in anything (“Well, if she lost weight, then I can!”). And since such teas are advertised as natural, based on ecologically pure herbs, it seems there is nothing to risk here, drink and lose weight, you won’t lose!

But experts shake their heads. Most nutritionists and doctors surveyed say that slimming teas that promise to burn excess fat are ineffective at best, and at worst can be dangerous. This is what the three specialists would like to tell you about - and what to warn them about.

You will lose fluid - but hardly anything else

Specialist: Christine Palumbo, Nutritionist, Member of the Appointments Committee at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Her opinion: It is not safe and non-natural means of losing weight, the so-called fat-burning teas include aggressive herbal ingredients, which can cause temporary weight loss due to the diuretic and laxative properties.

One of the most common ingredients are senna, rhubarb root, buckthorn, cascara, castor oil, plantain leaf, cassia and burdock, and they can lead you to dehydration. Laxative properties of plants can cause addiction and hamper natural bowel movement.

Moreover, they will remove from the body only liquid and solid waste - not fatty deposits. This means that the pounds that you lose with weight loss tea will return to you as soon as you stop using it. Therefore, I do not recommend slimming teas to anyone.

Natural does not always mean safe.

Specialist: Adrienne Yudim, Doctor, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California

Her opinion: The production of additives, even consisting of only herbal ingredients, is not regulated at all. Manufacturers can specify anything on the packaging and make any statements without any reason whatsoever. What is worse, often they do not indicate all the ingredients, this is especially common among the means intended for weight loss, including teas.

Dangerous (and sometimes illegal) ingredients, such as ephedra and tsibutrin, associated with the risk of heart attack were found in slimming teas and similar remedies. Or orange extract, which is a prohibited stimulant. I have had patients who, after taking slimming products purchased at vitamin stores, have experienced convulsive seizures.

That is why I always recommend to my patients to stay away from any means sold exclusively for weight loss. And even if slimming teas claim that they are made only from natural ingredients, it does not mean that they are safe to use.

It is better to drink ordinary tea

Expert: Wendy Basilian, professor of nutrition, author of several books on weight loss

Her opinion: Drink plain black, green or white tea. Tea, especially green, is rich in antioxidant EGCG, which, according to laboratory data, can contribute to weight loss. This mechanism can be explained by several mechanisms: some studies show that EGCG is involved in the processes of burning calories, splitting fats, preventing the creation of new fat cells and reducing the absorption of fats in the body.

Of course, from only one tea does not lose weight, but it can help you achieve this goal. Therefore, combine it with a healthy diet and daily physical activity. Drink it cold or hot, add lemon juice - it improves the absorption of EGCG five times!

But here it is better to refuse extracts of green tea. High concentrations can cause a negative reaction in the form of accelerated pulse and dizziness. It's better to just brew your tea.

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