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Mother, wife and duchess: Kate Middleton’s personal details of daily life became known


Source: 7 Days

The other day, the British had the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity by learning how the daily life of the Duchess Catherine goes beyond the walls of Kensington Palace. This was told by an insider on the staff of the family serving the prince and his spouse.

As the insider informed, the day of the duchess begins very early: she even rises at dawn in the summer. Katherine has a reason not to lie down in the morning in bed, because she needs a lot of time before her children — George, Charlotte and Louis — wake up and stand, writes 7 Days.

To begin with, she makes an indispensable run through the territory of the garden surrounding the palace. Then - swims in the pool. As the Duchess once explained, she cares not only about making her figure look good. Catherine believes that daily exercise is very important for maintaining emotional balance.

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Returning to the palace, the Duchess has breakfast. After the children are fed and George is sent to school, and Charlotte is in kindergarten, Catherine passes her youngest son, Louis, to the care of a nanny. And she starts her work.

The Duchess's daily schedule provides for many meetings on her charitable foundations - right in the palace. And from time to time, according to a strictly defined schedule, the duchess is sent on similar issues and outside her residence. For example, Catherine often attends schools she patronized by her, hospitals and headquarters funds. In addition, she honestly fulfills her duties as a member of the royal family, attending various protocol events.

However, all this does not relieve her from the household chores. Catherine, by the way, likes to cook, despite the fact that William joked in the press more than once about her culinary talents. So when her schedule allows her, she cooks dinner herself. Then follows the time allotted for communicating with children. And when the little princes and the princess go to bed, it is their turn to hang out with William.

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As the insider told, the couple rarely gets out of the palace in the evenings. Their favorite activity at this time is the same as that of many ordinary Britons - to sit in front of the TV with some snack, ordered "to go."

The last point of her schedule - that is, the time spent with her spouse, Catherine tries not to miss, no matter how tired she is. And lately, she has especially been careful to spend quality time with William. After all rumors of treason prince with Rose Hanbury, family relationships have become a bit tense. And Kate believes that frank “heart-to-heart talk”, when they are only two and no one bothers them, will help overcome the crisis in the relationship.

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