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Why Diana to the last postponed the divorce from Charles, despite his treason



On July 1, 2019, Princess Diana would have turned 58. Both of her sons got married, the princess already has four grandchildren. And her ex-husband Prince Charles has long become the spouse of the very same Camilla, who from a young age - including during the marriage of Diana to Charles - was the constant mistress of the future king. Diana knew about it, as everyone knew. Why was she in no hurry to divorce the Prince of Wales for several years after the actual separation?

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The royal biographer told why Princess Diana did not want to divorce the Prince of Wales, despite his infidelity, writes

Millions of people around the world have witnessed how Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer in 1981, in a lavish ceremony suitable for the future king and queen at Westminster Abbey. But their tale did not last long. In fact, their marriage was doomed from the first days. And all because the eldest son of Elizabeth II loved another.

The pair became engaged even before the young people were able to recognize each other normally. The heir to the throne was under tremendous pressure, he was in a hurry with the marriage, but Charles had feelings for his old friend Camille Parker-Bowles. She never abandoned her.

“There have always been three of us in a marriage, and I don’t like crowds,” Princess Diana famously said.

The infidelity of her husband from the first to the last day of marriage made the princess unhappy, and the whole world found out about it. All this led to problems in relationships, scandals and parting in 1992. Legally, the couple filed a divorce after only four years, partly because Diana did not want it.

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Why did Lady Dee not hurry to divorce Charles?

Many thought that being in a love triangle and knowing about her husband's cheating, Diana dreamed of getting away from the prince, but according to Jenny Rivette, an old friend of the princess, this is not so. She sincerely hoped that the union could be saved.

“If she had a choice, she would have stayed and tried to build a happy marriage,” Jenny Rivett said in an interview. - She loved Charles. She did not want to part and get divorced. She was sad about it. She wanted to become a loving wife. "

Of course, another reason the Princess of Wales did not want to divorce her husband was because of the children. Diana, extremely hard going through the divorce of her own parents, dreamed that her children would not go through this and experience the same bitter feelings.

The reason Diana changed her mind

Diana was forced to sign divorce documents when Elizabeth II intervened and made it clear that the princess no longer had a choice.

Public scandals between the prince and the princess lasted for some time and became a real soap opera, undermining the image of the royal family in the eyes of the British and the whole world. But when Lady Dee personally gave a frank interview about her troubled marriage and family life, the British Queen could not stand it.

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After a loud interview with the Princess of Wales in December 1995, Her Majesty sent a letter to her son and daughter-in-law, advising them to divorce.

Soon Charles prepared and signed all the documents, it took Diana two months. Ultimately, she had no other choice, and she reluctantly agreed.

The divorce was formalized in August 1996 of the year, one year before Diana’s premature death.

What did the princess get after the divorce?

When the couple finally divorced, Lady Dee left all her jewelry, except for the tiara, which the queen presented to her for the wedding. True, the princess wore her just once. Now this is one of Kate Middleton's favorite jewels.

The most important thing that Diana refused was the title of Her Royal Highness. It is noteworthy that Elizabeth II wanted to leave the title for the daughter-in-law, but Charles was against it. Instead, Diana was allowed to remain the Princess of Wales.

Diana still had access to the royal family's money, private jets, and received a monetary compensation of $ 22,5 million and a “salary” of $ 600. She was allowed to live in an apartment at Kensington Palace.

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