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'Looks old': Megan Markle first came out after giving birth, but everyone admired Kate. PHOTO, VIDEO



Megan Markle first appeared in public a month after giving birth: she, along with other members of the royal family, participated in the celebration of the Queen’s official birthday. Despite the fact that her decree should have lasted for three months, Megan wanted to return to her royal duties as soon as possible.

«BBC"- about how Megan Markle made his first exit after the birth of his son Archie.

Young mother Megan Markle came out of the decree and returned to the duties that she was supposed to perform as a member of the royal family. The Duchess of Sussex, along with other relatives of Elizabeth II, took part in the celebration of the Queen's official birthday - events dedicated to this event are traditionally held in the UK in June.

The Duchess of Sussex arrived at Buckingham Palace in the morning of June 8 in the backseat of the dark blue Range Rover, and then with Prince Harry moved to the horse-drawn carriage, which took them to the cavalry parade, where Megan Markle along with other members of the royal family was supposed to Join the observation of marches of 1400 platoons, 400 musicians and 200 riders.

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According to the Daily Mail, she was traveling with Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles in a crew, where she entered into a lively conversation. In parallel, she managed to wave the crowd, gathered to admire the parade and see what Megan Markl looks like after the birth.

Observers in the crowd noticed the third ring on Megan Markle's finger - most likely, it was, according to American tradition, presented to her by Prince Harry after the birth of their first-born Archie.

For the first appearance after Archie Harrison’s birth, Megan Markle chose a light navy blue coat and Givenchy dress, and her head was decorated with a tablet hat in the color of the dress. Prince Harry was wearing a full military uniform.

Later, he and Prince William took part in the parade - they marched in the fur hats of the regiment of the Royal Guard along with other guardsmen.

After a parade of cavalry regiments, representatives of four generations of the royal family of Great Britain climbed onto the balcony of Buckingham Palace to watch the air show organized by the Royal Air Force of Great Britain - the Typhoon fighters and historical models of aircraft, including the Spitfire and Hurricane and Lancaster bomber from the Second World War.

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Special attention of the public during the event attracted the children of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Like last year, they entertained the crowd, looking at them from the windows of Buckingham Palace, ridiculously snuggling up to the windows and sticking their tongues out. This time, their younger brother joined in the fun - for Prince Louis, who was one year old at the end of April, this was the first official publication.

The last time Megan Markle went to the public on 8 in May, when she and her husband, Prince Harry, presented their newborn son to journalists and photographers at Windsor Castle. Since then, she spent time in her residence - Frogmore Cottage - where, according to sources, she indulged in rampant online shopping for lack of other opportunities to have fun.

In addition, as reported by insiders, she started a new repair in the children's Archie Harrison - Megan hired a famous interior designer Vicki Charles to update the interior in accordance with the character of Archie Harrison. According to Megan, the baby, who turned 6 in June, needs a bedroom, which will reflect his lively nature of an extrovert, and the gender-neutral interior in shades of gray and beige, created for him before his birth, is not suitable for Archie.

Participation in official events for the last time Megan Markle took 11 in March, when, together with Prince Harry, she served in the service in honor of British Commonwealth Day in Westminster Abbey.

But then that the Duchess of Sussex goes on maternity leave, was not announced. As reported by Harper's Bazaar, in Buckingham Palace, Megan will no longer appear at public events, but will continue to work on the sidelines - in particular, will be engaged in the development of their charitable initiatives.

Later it became known that Megan Markle plans to return to the public as soon as possible after the birth. The source then told the Sun publication that the duchess would appear in public, most likely on the day of the official celebration of the Queen’s birthday, although it was assumed that she would be absent for three months, not one.

“A three-month decree is the norm in the United States for American mothers, they usually do not have six or even twelve months, which give mothers in the UK,” said a source. “So for Megan, this is perfectly normal.”

Note that in comments to the official publication Instagram subscribers noted that Megan “looks old” and “seems 10 years older”, and Harry “stopped looking happy” and became “sad and tired”, and in the account of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex commentators praised Kate Middleton a lot, comparing her to Megan is not in favor of the latter - Catherine was literally bombarded with compliments. True, many users stood up for the Duchess of Sussex and noted that she was “shining” and “the cutest”.

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