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An American accidentally found the answer to the question of where the socks disappear during washing


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Why do we always take out less socks from the washing machine than we loaded there? This riddle has tormented both women and men for years and years.

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Many people joke that the sock just evaporates, others say that the machine “takes a tribute” for a quality wash, taking away one sock each time. It turned out that in every joke there is a serious grain of truth. One American woman accidentally discovered a whole warehouse of various socks in her washing machine, says Tip hero.

Katie Hinz says she no longer feels “crazy” thinking about where the socks go. Once the shared washing machine in the dorm where Katie and her husband live broke down - the husband decided to open it from below to see what was happening. From there poured out on him ... an impressive mountain of socks of all colors and sizes.

And even that was not all. Among the underwear that was found there, they found several panties, a credit card and $ 7. The woman posted photos of the open “washing machine” on her Twitter, and they instantly went viral.

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GE engineer James Darmstadt thinks the rubber pad on the front-loading machine is probably to blame. If the elastic comes off, a cavity or hole forms there, where things fall through during the spin cycle. For top-loading machines, things can fall into the space between the washing unit and the walls of the machine. The same story can happen with a dryer.

What can be done to stop the machine to steal socks and other small things?

  • Fill a two-thirds laundry tub without overloading.
  • Use special bags where fold small wardrobe items.
  • Periodically clean and service the washing machine - and it is best to call a professional technician for this.

Well, have you already unscrewed the bottom of your washing machine? Found something interesting?

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