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Bedbugs, feces and germs: now you will always wash new clothes


Source: The Daily Mail

Those who bought things in America are well aware of the mess that is happening in stock stores: things are scattered on the floor, buyers literally walk in dresses, jeans, and even underwear. But in expensive boutiques, clothing can be ... infectious.

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Of course, if you have witnessed shopping "off the floor", wash your clothes before the first use. But the apparent untidiness is just a drop in the ocean. Researchers have found that traces of feces, vaginal secretions and whole hordes of bacteria live on perfectly clean-looking new dresses from an expensive boutique, says The Daily Mail.

Tory Patrick, a former sales consultant, tells what actually happens behind the closed doors of a clothing store. Each time a customer tries on a thing, she immediately returns to the rack without any cleaning or checking.

“A lot of people just come home, and if there is a tag on the item, they think it was just unpacked, and they put it on right away. But you never know where this thing has been. "

To test the shop items, the reporters brought in Dr. Philip Tierno, a professor of microbiology and pathology at the University of New York. He conducted research on 14 different items of clothing, from shirts to pants to swimwear. The expert found a huge number of microbes on every (!) Thing that he checked.

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For example, one shirt showed “nasal discharge, skin microflora, and faecal microflora”. On jackets - "traces of feces, skin microflora, various secretions, especially in the armpits and buttocks." Perhaps the most disturbing and unexpected finding was the results of a study on a silk blouse.

“Vaginal germs, yeast and even more faecal germs,” said Dr. Tierno, speaking of the elegant silk blouse.

The expert said that the content of harmful bacteria, microbes, secretions and other unpleasant and unexpected elements on the clothes was much higher than normal. Some things have been demonstrated simply by huge numbers of “organisms”.

“In a way, it's like touching someone's armpit or groin. You want to be protected, that's all, ”said the specialist.

What can you “catch”?

  • Yeast infection is possible.
  • A virus capable of causing severe diarrhea is likely.
  • Norovirus, enterovirus, staphylococcus - probably.
  • Ticks, worms and the like - probably.

In addition to washing clothes immediately after the purchase, Dr. Tierno recommends trying on things not on the naked body, and also advises washing your hands immediately after trying on.

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