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Jeanne Friske's parents were obliged to return almost 400 thousand dollars for her treatment


Source: with the BBC

According to Russian Air Force Service For more than a year, Rusfond, which during Zhanna Friske's life, collected money for her treatment and then transferred 26 million rubles to her accounts, is trying to get a report on the funds spent.

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For the first time, Dmitry Shepelev officially spoke about Zhanna Friske's illness in the program “Let them talk” in January 2013. Immediately after that, it became known from Zhanna's father, Vladimir, that their family has a debt to the American clinic for $ 104, and they are also going to continue the treatment of their daughter in Germany, which will cost about 170 euros.

Just a few days later, on the air of the same TV show by Andrey Malakhov “Let the Talk”, a fundraiser was officially announced to help the singer on the platform of the Rusfond charitable organization. In a short time, viewers transferred 64 million rubles to the fund's accounts, of which a little more than 11 million immediately went to the account of an American clinic. "Rusfond" posted the statements on the movement of funds in the public domain on its electronic page on the Internet.

Even then, Zhanna Friske thanked all the participants in the fundraising and said in her interview that the money collected was more than enough. By decision of the singer, part of the money in the amount of about 32 million rubles was transferred to 9 treatment of cancer patients.

Unfortunately, all attempts at experimental treatment failed, and on June 15, 2015, the singer died. After a while, representatives of the Rusfond organization turned to the Friske family with a request to provide a report on the money spent on treatment. According to them, Zhanna Friske signed an agreement, according to which the money received is used in a targeted way only for treatment, and the family undertakes to return the remaining funds after that.

About a year ago, Rusfond filed a lawsuit against Olga and Vladimir Friske, as well as the minor son of Jeanne Platon, whose interests are officially represented by the singer's civil husband, TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev.

The statement states that the family refused to provide any information on the targeted use of funds transferred for treatment, despite the demand to return 21 million 633 thousand rubles (which is approximately 380 thousand US dollars), which, according to the Foundation, should have remained after all official payments to pay for medical services rendered.

The singers' relatives petitioned to close the proceedings due to the lack of sufficient evidence, but the court satisfied the claim of Rusfond in full. The family's lawyers and Dmitry Shepelev plan to appeal the court decision.



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