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A British court ordered the Russian billionaire to pay 584 million dollars to his ex-wife


Source: Air force

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The Russian billionaire court ordered to pay his ex-wife $ 584 million, reports Air force.
This is the largest amount the UK court has ever paid.

The husband claimed that he had made a “special contribution” to the well-being of the family, but the court considered that the contribution of the spouses was equal. As a result, the amount of payments, according to Judge Haddon-Cave, will be 41,5% of total family assets.
Mr Justice Haddon-Cave said he didn’t see any reason to dispute such a decision, despite the fact that the man claimed to be rich before marriage. None of the parties was present in court for a final decision.

The judge also issued a decree prohibiting the disclosure of the names of spouses. The information only states that this is a former trader, an 61-year-old from the Caucasus and an 41-year-old woman from Eastern Europe who met and married in Moscow, and then moved to the British Surrey county.
They were granted the right to stay indefinitely in the UK. In addition, it is known that about 5 years ago, a spouse sold a stake in a Russian company for $ 1,3 billion. Then the billionaire bought 2 apartments in one of the London complexes, one for $ 37 million, the other for $ 9 million.
Judge Juddon Haddon-Cave said that the billionaire's former wife was a housewife and raised children.

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