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Elon Musk first showed the face of his grown-up youngest son


Source: Фокус

The 49-year-old founder of Tesla and SpaceX, American businessman and engineer Elon Musk showed how his youngest son named X Æ A-XII grew up, says Фокус.

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On a Twitter page, he posted a picture in which he is sitting with a child in his arms and talking on the phone, while the baby is pulling his father by the T-shirt. In the frame, the son's face is clearly visible.


Musk later shared a video:

The kid with the exotic name X Æ A-XII will be one year old on May 4. His mother is a Canadian singer, artist Claire Alice Boucher, performing under the pseudonym Grimes.

Initially, the couple wanted to name their son X Æ A-12, but later corrected him to X Æ A-XII, which sounds like Ex Ash Archangel Twelv and abbreviated - Ex Ash Hey Twelv.

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Grimes, at the same time with her lover, shared a photo with her grown son. She posted a snapshot on Instagram. In the frame, the singer is holding a boy in her arms, and his face is not visible.

“Tell me about the waters of your homeworld,” the caption says.


This child is the sixth of Elon Musk, who has five more sons from a previous marriage: Griffin, Kai, Xavier, Saxon and Demian. For his chosen one, Grimes Ex Ash Hey Twelve is the firstborn.

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